Discover Canada: Exploring a Better Place to Live

Usually, when we think about some of the great places to reside in the world, we envisage the charm and glitz of cities like Paris, Los Angeles or New

Usually, when we think about some of the great places to reside in the world, we envisage the charm and glitz of cities like Paris, Los Angeles or New York. No doubts that they are among the greatest places to visit, but are they the best ones to live?

Actually, many Canadians already know the answer. Wherever they are presently residing, they are more than proud about their hometowns, as their cities simply have all that they need.

Canada is popular for being a friendly place. It is a large country with a diverse population, many different municipalities, and provinces that could make your Canadian experience immensely different based on where you are presently residing.

So, if you have not settled in here permanently, have you ever thought of exploring what other cities have to offer you?

As you are still in the process to choose the best Canadian city for yourself, read through this article to explore a better place to live in Canada.

1. Ottawa


First in the list is Ottawa, which has the highest standard of living. Being the capital of Canada, it is considered as the safest city in the country. Among the serviceable government buildings, you can also find many architectural gems here. Ottawa is home to one of the most important national leaders of the world, which symbolizes the positives of the province.

2. Quebec


It is Canada’s biggest province and home to more than 8.2 million individuals. Quebec is a lively multicultural territory, frequently gaining the acknowledgment as the “Europe of North America”. Moreover, Quebec is well-known for its huge forests, hills and waterways. The city also has around 1 million lakes and waterways, giving it more new water than any other area.

The area boasts a superb way of life because of its reasonable cost for basic items. The typical cost for basic items in Quebec is lower than the Canadian average cost, especially with regards to lodging. Montreal is among the most reasonable urban areas in North America. The government imposed rate is subsided in Quebec, and the lowest pay permitted by law is $10.55/hr. Rental expenses have always remained significantly lower than that of Toronto and Vancouver.

3. Stratford


Best known for the globally acclaimed Stratford Festival, Stratford is situated in the midst of homestead nation on the banks of the Avon River. The city additionally delights remarkable Victorian architecture. People of Stratford are aware of the fact that live in an exceptional place that offers a way of life like no other in Ontario.

Known for its neighborliness and various events, Stratford makes newcomers to feel welcome and an important piece of community life. Different methods of transportation make going in and around Stafford consistent.

4. Winnipeg


 At first, Winnipeg doesn’t seem much convincing but look closer and you’ll see a gathering of dazzling parks and creative architecture. The city’s noteworthy terracotta buildings are the broadest accumulation of its kind in North America.

A standout amongst the most engaging parts of living in Manitoba is the ease of living, making it conceivable to appreciate an extremely comfortable life. Lodging, insurance, post-secondary education and energy in Manitoba are all among the minimum costly in Canada. With a lower offer of salary committed to these costs, Manitobans have more cash left to spend on different things.

The city has a unique blend of various societies united by migration. Multiculturalism, which is a policy all through Canada, has been grasped strongly by Manitobans.

5. Calgary


A decent aspect regarding living in Calgary is that there’s no provisional tax imposed. If you move to Calgary, you’ll just need to pay the five percent government Goods and Services Tax. Thus, in case, you are hoping to spare cash for shopping, Calgary is presently a good city to live in.

There are millions of reasons why immigrants from all around the world are applying for a PR in Canada and moving to the great Canadian cities. There are numerous good jobs available across this big country. It also has an immigrant-friendly democracy with large immigrant communities (1 out of every 5 Canadian residents was born out of Canada). The country has one of the highest standards of living, plus its spectacular scenery attracts many people to immigrate here. Considering all these aspects, it isn’t surprising that about 250,000 people across the globe migrate to Canada every year!

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