Top 6 Courses that Make You Eligible for PR in Australia

Australia has recently announced changes in its immigration policy and has clearly stated that it will prefer skilled migrants over the unskilled ones

Australia has recently announced changes in its immigration policy and has clearly stated that it will prefer skilled migrants over the unskilled ones. The new rule has clearly put future of lot of migrants into a dilemma. Migrants try their best to abide to all the rules and regulations of the country, states and territories and shape up their profiles in a way to get easy PR, but the recent rules have made it tougher for them.

It’s best to start early! By saying ‘early’, we mean that you can take up in-demand courses as an international student when you enter into Australia on a student visa. Taking up courses based on futuristic approach can make you eligible for PR in Australia down the line. A lot of international students take up courses with professional demand in future; it means that the professions related to such courses will be in demand in future and the candidates will be able to secure jobs and PR easily.

Here are some of the courses (top six) you can take up to make yourself eligible for easy PR. It must be noted that taking these courses does not guarantee PR in any way and rules are subject to change at any given time.

List of top 6 Course eligible for PR in Australia

Professional Year Programs

PY programs help you secure extra 5 points towards your PR application. These programs are available in streams of Accounting, Engineering and IT, which means that students with background in any of the aforementioned field can take up PY program and get 5 additional points towards their PR application.

NAATI Program

Just like PY program, NAATI also gets you 5 additional points for PR. An international student can take up NAATI course in language of his/her own choice and secure the extra PR points.

Both PY and NAATI prove to be great for candidates who are not able to reach the benchmark of points for PR. Ideally, completing PY and NAATI programs successfully will give you much-needed extra 10 points for your PR application.


Accounting is a profession of future and accounting professionals are going to be in great demand. Taking up basic and advanced courses in the field of accounting may help you secure PR in Australia.

Nursing & Related Programs

Nursing and programs related to it have always been in great demand in Australia because of its high-end healthcare services. Nurses, healthcare assistants, old age assistants and many such professions have been in great demand over the past and will continue to be in future. Taking up a course in this field will give you respect in society and may also help you get PR in Australia.

Community Service Courses

Community service programs are the demand of the future, as Australia is looking for responsible and resourceful citizens. People with education and experience in community services will be preferred over others when considering PR.

Trade Courses

Professions like carpentry, plumbing, masonry, automotive repair have been in consistent demand. Migrants with education and experience in any of these fields have fair chances of getting PR as these professions come under come under skilled labor.

Please note that taking up any of these courses can ease the PR pathway for you, but may not guarantee it as the policies and demands of different professions of country, states and territories may change with time. Your migration agent is the best person to talk to in this case; they’ll be able to assist you better with future demands of professions and an easier pathway to PR.

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