Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Wedding Ring

When you want to buy something that you will want to wear throughout your life round the clock, it is but natural that a lot of thought should go into

When you want to buy something that you will want to wear throughout your life round the clock, it is but natural that a lot of thought should go into it. One such item is a wedding ring and buying one can be a stressful experience. A large number of factors have to be considered, from the metal and stone to the shape and design, not to forget fixing a budget. This last is especially critical. How much is too much for a wedding ring? Ryan Reynolds spent $2 million on his wedding ring, so there is nothing called “too much”.

Most of the difficult part of buying a wedding ring can be eliminated if you go about the process methodically. Here are three guidelines that you will do well to follow in this regard.  

Know What You Are Looking For

This is the starting point of your search for a wedding ring, and you should be very clear on this point before you step into a jewellery store. Go through online catalogues of wedding rings to find a style and design that matches your tastes and budget, and the personality and the aesthetic sensibilities of your partner.

Visualise the wedding ring that you want to buy. What is the picture that is popping up in your mind? This mental exercise will prevent you from being overwhelmed in your efforts. Further, once you fix a certain budget for the ring, a lot of options will get eliminated, helping you to narrow down your search. If necessary, create a wedding ring fund and put aside small amounts from your paycheck to smoothly reach your target.

Finally, be practical in your choice. A wedding ring will be worn day in and day out with different clothing styles and accessories and hence the focus should be on functionality and simplicity, unlike engagement rings where elegance and flair matter a lot.

Finding The Right Ring

Go shopping for wedding rings with your partner. It is an expensive decision and one that should be taken by both of you keeping each other’s expectations in mind. Schedule a day when both you and your partner can devote several hours to shopping for wedding rings. Educate yourself on the materials before choosing a wedding ring that’s right for both of you. Gold and platinum are standard metals for wedding rings with silver being equally popular. Other metals used now are tungsten and titanium, known for being lightweight and easy to maintain.

An essential consideration should be complementing the lifestyle of your partner. Know about any favourite metal or stone, and the best way for this is to go through the other’s jewellery and accessories collection. Keep in mind that there is no perfect wedding ring, there is only a ring that is perfect for you.  

Buying A Wedding Ring

After knowing your partner’s preferences, research the market. A ring with a birthstone might delight your partner more than the traditional diamond. Assess the four “Cs” that refer to Cut, Carat, Clarity and Colour before evaluating diamonds and other precious gemstones. For any doubts on this score consult a jewellery expert. Further, if you buy from a reputed store like Cartier’s or www.adc.com.au, you can be sure about the quality and authenticity of any wedding rings that you buy from them.

Choose a trending style to keep up with the times. There are almost limitless designs in wedding rings, ranging from the single stone simple ones to the more elaborate with stones studded around the band though these might not be entirely suitable for daily use.  

While the general tendency is to buy a gorgeous ring for that once-in-a-lifetime event, buy one that you love and which is still within your financial means. Overstretching yourself and splurging on a ring that you can ill-afford will not be the brightest of starts to your new life.