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Communication Ideas to Resolve Problems With Your Property Management Company

It is imperative to have good communication with your property manager. Always remember that communication is a two-way process. It involves care and attention for the property shown by the landlord and a simple reciprocation from the property manager’s end. Regular issues are an indication that simple, straight communication has some kinks that need to be evened out.

Attending to emails and phone calls and promptly responding to issues and complaints, keeping all the parties informed are signs of good property management.  However, when things go astray, it’s important on the part of the landlord to mend the course. And if things are going good, its time to strengthen the bond.

  • Establish a communication channel: A property manager may be occupied with several tasks at a time. Keeping the communication flow in formal writing helps. Emails are often a record of logical series of events that have been followed up on an issue. Apart from trifling matters, formal communication should be preferred.
  • Set your agenda before meeting:
    • Know what you want
    • The order in which you would like to discuss things
    • Let everyone know the agenda so they have enough time to prepare and respond
    • Decide the amount of time to be spent on each topic
  • Prioritize what you would like to discuss: it’s not uncommon to come up with a long list of pending issues. To make it simpler, address the most pressing issues first. Making a list is better to with most important tasks at the top. Things that are not urgent can be taken up later on the list.
  • Deadlocks to be put in writing: To vouch for your standpoint, it’s a must that lingering issues should have a logical series of written follow-ups. Phone calls should be kept for trifling issues or emergency only. This is important so that things do not get mingled up and be lost in shuffles.
  • Being descriptive is good: For managers to make the right decision, it’s important to furnish as many details as possible. It’s a lot better while making decisions and taking action.
  • Include the following:
    • History of issue
    • Additional information
    • The need for urgently resolving the issue
    • Pictures, video, and a sketch of the issue to explain better
  • Understand your agreement: It’s important to go through the agreement thoroughly once so that you know what all is included in the purview of contract and what all services are beyond the scope of the agreement to be covered separately. Get more information about property services.

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