How Does Cloud-based Order Management Add Value to Businesses

E-commerce is opening up new opportunities for ambitious entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, many of them face a common obstacle- retailers have a difficult

E-commerce is opening up new opportunities for ambitious entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, many of them face a common obstacle- retailers have a difficult time keeping track of their customers’ purchase orders. These owners need to provide such buyers with accurate updates on the status of their orders at all times. Any wrong information on the part of the proprietors is enough to ruin the reputation of their businesses. It also affects the customer’s buying experience. This is the reason why experts in e-commerce marketing suggest they use a convenient cloud-based order management system. This is a platform which allows the owners to conveniently monitor their customers’ ongoing purchase orders without any hassle. 

Cloud-based Order Management – Why are online retailers opting for this system over an offline platform?

Specialists in online marketing clarify entrepreneurs operating e-commerce storefronts prefer to use Microsoft Excel sheet or an offline platform to fulfill their customers’ orders. These online retailers normally take such steps to keep their operating costs down. Unfortunately, they end up spending a lot of time tracking such orders and correcting inadvertent errors. As a result, they cannot look into other aspects of these businesses. This scenario changes when the owners operate a suitable order management system using cloud technology. The experts point out the following 2 reasons for using such a platform:

  • Overcoming installation and cost issues

Setting an offline order management system is a time-consuming and expensive process. Moreover, online retailers need to upgrade the software programs they use on such platforms constantly. Only then does the entire system work flawlessly. Even then, these owners do not always get the results they are looking for. Fortunately, this is not the case with a cloud-based order management system. In this system, the entrepreneurs just need to register themselves as authorized users with their service providers. After this, they can start the operating system immediately. In the process, they incur only a fraction of the costs of using an offline platform.

  • Security issues

Security is always a contentious issue for online retailers operating an offline order management system. These entrepreneurs can never be absolutely sure hackers will not break into their offline platforms and corrupt their commercial data. These owners can take the necessary precautions to prevent such a situation from taking place. Nevertheless, the offline platforms of such retailers are still vulnerable to such attacks. On the other hand, service providers offering order management services using cloud technology enforce more stringent standards. These vendors make it a point to store their clients’ valuable information in remote and secure data centers. These service providers also employ a team of qualified professionals to monitor such servers 24/7.

Using a cloud-based order management system can help online retailers take their businesses to the next level. It is a better option to using a spreadsheet or an offline platform to fulfill their customers’ order. These owners do not have to worry about installation costs which they normally associate with an offline platform. They also do not have to lose sleep over the possibility of hackers corrupting their business data. The service provider these owners hire takes care of such issues.