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5 Most Popular and Relevant Citizenship by Investment Programs in 2023

More and more often, people think about issuing additional documents. It may be necessary for a variety of reasons: to develop a business, to work le

More and more often, people think about issuing additional documents. It may be necessary for a variety of reasons: to develop a business, to work legally in a new country, to get an education, or simply to travel. Whatever the goal, it is possible to apply for papers and get the right to stay legally relatively quickly.

Nowadays, there is an excellent variety of citizenship by investment destinations. While initially, only small island countries offered this kind of citizenship, now relatively large countries also provide this option for obtaining documents.

As the Immigrant Invest Evgeniya Morozova expert notes, beneficial second citizenship programs are also available in the Old World. So there is a chance to be where you feel most comfortable.

What is Citizenship by Investment?

The most affordable way to obtain the right to stay legally and work are to take advantage of citizenship by Investment Programs. They have long been the norm, not only in the Caribbean, where they were initially introduced.

The number of people interested in becoming an investor is steadily increasing, so they are several options. Some of the most common include:

  • contribution to one of the national funds (pension, welfare, etc.);
  • purchase of housing (apartment or house);
  • the purchase of art objects;
  • opening of an enterprise (creation of a certain number of jobs in the country);
  • purchase of securities.

What to invest in everyone chooses for himself. It is usually cheaper to make a gratuitous investment. However, if there is a desire to return the funds invested, it is best to buy a home. Yes, the rules are usually such that it can not be disposed of immediately, but it will be possible to rent or sell in the future.

Benefits of the existence of Citizenship by Investment Programs

Certain benefits are unique to each. In the general format, it is assumed that these are:

  1. Comfortable conditions for doing business. The best citizenship by investment programs traditionally focus on the fact that in the country, there is no VAT at all or to pay a minimum (markedly less compared to most states).
  2. Security. It is especially important for citizens of countries where the political situation is unstable.
  3. Open ways to move around the world. Papers give you access to hundreds of countries around the world. Forget about visas and additional permits.

In fact, you get a chance to live and work in the country legally. Then, later, it is easy to get a full passport.

Criteria for Eligibility Verification

There are several small requirements for potential investors. For example:

  • age (the applicant must be of legal age);
  • absence of sanctions and criminal prosecution;
  • the need to confirm the legitimacy of the funds received.

The requirements are usually relatively uncomplicated. Moreover, for the convenience of applicants, it is possible to carry out all procedures online.

Top 5 Current Citizenship by Investment Programs for Users in 2023

For a long time now, investment-based citizenship has been a procedure that is widespread around the world. Therefore, top offers have been selected. Choose them to get your papers very soon and experience the advantages available. All presented options are well-established. They do not function for the first year, so there is no doubt about their reliability.

Malta: Advantageous Citizenship by Investment Program

Its trump cards are smooth and an easy path to further passport issuance. Malta is among the best countries to get citizenship by investment in real estate.

To buy a house, one has to pay 700,000 euros. The amount is relatively high, but the prospects in the EU are greater.

Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program

One does not have to pay much to get documents on the island. Instead, it is offered to make a gratuitous investment or to buy a house or an apartment (a specific list is provided).

In addition to the beautiful climate, Cyprus has very favorable tax conditions. Here VAT is minimal so that business will develop rapidly.

Grenada: What Citizenship by Investment Program implies

The country attracts a relatively small cost. It is 150000 dollars. The country has a quality infrastructure and minimal taxes. It is easy to develop a business in any field: from tourism and travel to IT and agriculture. Therefore the probability of making a profit is relatively high.

Saint Kitts and Nevis: Key Features of the Citizenship by Investment Program

The procedure for attracting large investors has been in operation for over 40 years. Not surprisingly, all its processes are perfectly streamlined. First, one can get a residence permit in just a few months. After that, it is required to invest at least 125000 dollars, which will give them the right to live and work in the country


One doesn’t have to have an interview or take a language course to get the papers. Everything is straightforward, so a second passport investment should always be considered.

Vanuatu: What Citizenship by Investment Program implies

This small country has a progressive infrastructure and comfortable conditions for various activities. The program has been working for a long time. Almost all applications receive a positive response despite undergoing rigorous checks. All this makes the choice of this region a good one.

How to Choose the proper Citizenship by Investment Program

It is essential to understand precisely where you want to live. In many countries, residency is not mandatory. However, it is a notable advantage if you only need documents for business.

It is necessary to take into account the following aspects:

  • investment amount;
  • the possibility of further disposal of funds (assets, real estate);
  • the speed of procedures;
  • the possibility of relatives moving in;
  • the chance of an online interview;
  • availability of a language test;
  • time limits for obtaining full citizenship.

Consider the mentioned criteria to choose a rational option and become the document owner.


More and more countries offer this option of paperwork. It is essential to decide on the region and the budget. Be sure to consider what practical benefits can be derived from it (business, travel, security).

The most democratic (in terms of price) options are available in the Caribbean states. They are well established, so it does not take long to approve applications. European states are more advantageous in terms of travel and security but often require a much more significant investment.

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