Checklist for a Kid-Safe Vehicle for Carpool

If these are the last days of vacations, and the schools are reopening, it is also time for the carpool business owners to pull on their socks and ge

If these are the last days of vacations, and the schools are reopening, it is also time for the carpool business owners to pull on their socks and get into the field that needs to get the vehicles ready for those naughty and tiny tots. To keep them giggling their way to school and back home, the owners need to get serious about the checklist that would ensure safety for all our little ones apart from the comfort they deserve before and after a hectic school day.

The mechanics serving at the Moscow Chevrolet service center suggest all the carpool owners to check the following, preferably by a qualified mechanic before hauling the kids in.

Visibility Components

Start with checking the lights and the windshield wipers to ensure clean and clearforward visibility. Check the rear view mirrors, for the side and rear visibility. Replace all the lights that seem to berapidly blinking, dimming or not functioning. Replace the wiper blades in case there is any sign of wear. Check the rear view mirror for any cracks and haze, and take the appropriate action making sure they are doing a good job.


Nothing can be more crucial for car safety than the Brakes. So not forget to get a brake inspection done before you pick any kid. Check for any warning signs like a loose feel below your feet, an illuminated brake light, any grinding or screeching noises, or a clickingsound while applying the brakes.


Do not take your car tires for granted when you are starting back the carpool for this season. Check the inflation or any signs of excessive wear. To know if you need a change, check the health of the tires by placing a penny in the tread groove with the head-down position. If the tread cannot cover the head, it’s, you need to replace the tires.

Seat Belts

Never leave any kid on the seats while driving without buckling them up or should prepare the baby car seat. That’s the hard and fast instruction the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has given in their website has important tips on seat belt fit and position.

Blind Spot Monitors

Kids will always have this notorious habit of hiding behind the car. When you’re waiting for a kid to turn up, and it is time to start your vehicle, you need to know, if the rear end of your car is free from all obstacles, especially if there is any kid standing there. Blind spot monitors are the best way to ensure, no kid is left behind, and your reversing moves isn’t going to be a threat for any of them. Even the NHTSA  recommends the carpool vehicles to have all these safety standards in place.

The Verdict

There can be no excuse for following all the safety measures in strict discipline, when it comes to safety of kids. The carpool owners must get their vehicles checked by professionally trainedmechanics from any trusted service center like that of Moscow Chevy dealer, to play safe during the carpool seasons.