How to Celebrate First Birthday Party: the Do’s and Don’ts

For a spouse, celebrating his birthday is not a big deal. But for the first birthday with you must be special and memorable. Just because you both ar

For a spouse, celebrating his birthday is not a big deal. But for the first birthday with you must be special and memorable. Just because you both are growing old doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate your birthdays. Most wives want to celebrate their husband’s birthday in a big way, but the thing is it should be the best day of his life. You can celebrate his birthday in private or have the big gathering of his friends and family depends upon the nature of your husband. If your husband likes gatherings then arranging the surprise birthday party is a great idea. The 1st birthday gift for husband after marriage is not necessary to be expensive; you can give what your husband likes. Return gift ideas for 1st birthday of your husband should be unique and memorable for a lifetime. There are some tips to make your husband’s birthday more memorable and things to avoid in celebration.

Selection of the gift:

Selection of the gift is very important, try to give something special to your spouse. Everyone has different choices and taste, you have to consider many things in choosing the right gift. 1st birthday gift for husband after marriage is remembered for the whole life, there are many return gift ideas for 1st birthday. So the first thing to consider is that your gift should be unique and fulfill the need of your husband. You can ask the preference of your spouse in different ways. 


A gift should be unique

A gift should satisfy the need of the husband

Gift should be memorable for the whole life


The gift should not be very expensive

A gift should not be repetitive such as those you have gifted before

A gift should not be the perishable item


Besides the gift, you have to consider a few things to avoid anything which can spoil your party. 


Invite the favorite people of your husband from friends and family.

Try to make this party full of fun.

Prepare the favorite food of your husband or order the food from your husband favorite restaurant.

Take lots of pictures with your husband to make a beautiful memory.


Never invite those people, whom your husband doesn’t like, this will spoil his mood and all your effort.

Do not plan anything which can embarrass your husband.

Do not spend too much money on all things. 


You can make a place special for his birthday party. The selection of the right place plays an important role in making the birthday special. Sometimes we try new places and get disappointed because we haven’t tried them. There are a few things that should be considered in choosing the location for the birthday party. The place should be beautiful, have excellent service with good food, should be convenient for everyone to reach and must be cheap.


The place should be beautiful and easily reachable

Should have a beautiful ambiance

Should be unique that your husband never goes before.

Should provide or have the facility of beautiful decorations.

Should be easy on your budget.

The place should allow you a flexible time.


Never select the place which is not suitable for the guests.

Never try the new place for the birthday party without getting reviews of other people.

Don’t try to offer any type of drugs at your party.

Party Themes:

The parties become more interesting when they have a theme. Not every party requires having themes, but birthday parties usually have themes. There are many different types of themes that you can select for your husband’s birthday party. You can select the best theme according to the choice of your husband. There is a movie theme if your husband likes movies. Or you can choose the simple color theme, in which you just give the particular color to the women’s and men’s.


Select the theme of the decoration according to the theme of the cloths.

Hire the best event planner if you are arranging a birthday party on the big level.

Make a special cake.

The place you choose should have the facility of beautiful lightings.

Add props to make your photos funnier.


Never select the nasty theme.

Avoid the hill area if your party time is on the night.

Avoid having lots of drinks.

Other types of surprises:

You know your husband better than anyone; you know how to make his first birthday more delightful. If you have a big budget you can give him the surprise of taking him on the vacations. But the first thing is that you should have the proper bookings to avoid any problems. From this, you will get a good time to spend with each other.


Spend a good time at your favorite place.

Take lots of photos to make a good memory.


Check his easily availability to go with you.

Don’t make bookings before checking his leave status or without informing his boss.