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Car accident in Cedar Rapids: Check important aspects here

Even the most cautious drivers in Cedar Rapids end up in serious auto accidents. The immediate shock and the impact of the accident can be overwhelmin

Even the most cautious drivers in Cedar Rapids end up in serious auto accidents. The immediate shock and the impact of the accident can be overwhelming, but you need to take steps and protect your rights to seek compensation for your injuries. This is even more important for cases where the other driver was negligent and caused the accident. It would help if you also considered consulting a car accident lawyer in Cedar Rapids to know the worth of your case. Here are some key aspects worth knowing. 

Deadline for filing car accident lawsuits

You have two years in Iowa to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party after a car accident. This deadline has been set by the statute of limitations. If you want to sue for just property damage, your deadline would be five years. The statute of limitations does not apply to car insurance claims, and the deadline starts from the date of the accident. 

Comparative Negligence in Iowa 

What happens when you decide to sue the other at-fault driver and are found to be partly at fault? In such cases, the comparative negligence system will come into play. You can only sue the other party if your fault share is less than theirs. Also, your fault share will decide what you get in a settlement. Let’s assume a situation where you are 20% at fault and were awarded $10,000 in a final settlement. In this case, you can only recover $8,000 from the amount because of your fault. 

Do you need a car accident lawyer?

Most people assume that the insurance company will pay fairly for their claim, which is a huge misconception. Insurance companies are here for premiums and not claims. You cannot expect the claims adjuster to work for you. In fact, these companies do their best to try tactics to deny car accident claims. Get an attorney to secure your interests. PI lawyers in Cedar Rapids usually work on a contingency fee, and you don’t have to pay them until you win a settlement. They can negotiate with the insurance company, and if things don’t move as planned, they can even file a lawsuit and take the matter to trial. 

Two years may look like a considerable amount of time, but you don’t act right away, you may miss valuable evidence. Call a car accident lawyer right away to know more about your case and other aspects. The first consultation session is usually free. 

Importance of Witness Statements

Witnesses can give objective testimony on what occurred during the accident. A witness may have seen a driver speeding through a red light or unreasonably counterflowing to get ahead of other drivers. 

While you are still at the accident, try to ask witnesses for their contact information, if possible. Your lawyer can follow up with them to get statements from them that could prove the at-fault driver was speeding and caused your accident. 

Moreover, your attorney may need to consult with expert witnesses to support your injury claim. They may consult medical experts to explain the extent of your injuries, their possible causes, and the future treatment you may need. Also, your lawyer may hire vocational experts to explain the impact of your injuries on your future earning capacity. 

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