How To Get A Career In Merchant Services With No Degree

Over the last half-century or so, college degrees have been heavily marketed as the path in to most careers. Not only does has this been successful a

Over the last half-century or so, college degrees have been heavily marketed as the path in to most careers. Not only does has this been successful as a strategy to increase university enrollment numbers, it’s also led to some industries viewing a degree requirement as a way to outsource much of their training and professional development. By paying for degrees for employees who are being mentored and requiring them for key positions, they can provide access to resources while ensuring any outside hires have a certain degree of professionalization.

The result has been a widespread expectation that you need a college degree to have a high earning career, and that is simply a misconception. Not only are the trades stronger than ever, in many cases they provide higher starting salaries and wider ranges of upward earning mobility than jobs that require technical or financial education in a formal college setting. The same is true for sales. In many sales programs, what really matters is a person’s ability to close and bring home numbers. That’s why many people turn to these roles to get into careers in financial professions like credit card processing and insurance.

Independent Reseller Programs

If you’re looking for a career in the credit card industry, there are unique opportunities that are based largely in your ability to market to customers. That means you can get in at an entry level without needing to earn a specific degree for the role and you also get to enjoy the benefits of working for yourself and building your own business. A point of sale reseller program provides you with inventory to sell and a distribution system for delivery, you just have to get out there and let local businesses know about your competitive pricing on POS models like the Clover Flex.

When you build an independent business as a reseller, you typically affiliate yourself with a processor who also provides the machines to customers when you submit orders. Your commission is paid based on both the processing agreements and the value of equipment sold, too. That means you can offer the Clover Flex for sale with incentive agreements that make it free with certain processing agreements, without cutting into your own bottom line. Residuals for processing agreements are small income streams but they can persist for years, and they build quickly as you acquire more customers.

Working with your own clients means building repeat business and providing customer support and service, but it also means you can grow a company that allows you to make as much as you want if you have the motivation. The best part is that most programs provide a lot of resources for beginners, so there are ways to seek out mentorship and training resources that will benefit you and any future representatives who work on your behalf, should your business grow.

Finding the Right Program

Starting a career in merchant services can be quite easy if you work with a partner company that provides you with rich resources and a lot of starting support. If it seems too complex, though, you can always start by providing referrals. Lead generation for their sales force typically also pays a commission, but it is a smaller one. It can be a good way to get started before you become a full reseller.

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