Best VPNs for playing PUBG & Doing SEO

If you are one of the folks who like playing PUBG at college or work or if you are a voracious streamer wanting to protect your system from attacks of

If you are one of the folks who like playing PUBG at college or work or if you are a voracious streamer wanting to protect your system from attacks of DDoS, a good VPN can be of great help. Here we would discuss the best-rated VPNs for playing PUBG plus the ways of downloading PUBG LITE easily from a relatable source abroad.

There are several reasons why you might be wanting to use the best VPN while playing PUBG. This may be the case that it is not available at the place where you would live, or you may be searching to obtain certain skins which are not at all available in your country. Maybe you would be keen to play a number of rounds in between work. Whatever be the case, a well-chosen VPN can be of great help.

VPNs are effective as they encrypt your traffic as well as routing it very well via a server elsewhere from anywhere in the globe. This not just ensures you bypass the internet blocking but also considerably helps in preventing the government or your employer from watching what you are doing online. The best part is that once a VPN is connected to your system, your actual IP address would completely change which making your online activities untraceable. This would allow you to change the region of your PUBG for playing against users who have similar latency. This would also help you in obtaining bonuses that are location-specific.

Choosing your very first VPN wouldn’t be very difficult. This trick is for finding a perfect service which can handle a large range of various tasks with perfection. Your chosen VPN should ideally have the following characteristics:

  • Provides a whole lot of reliable connections & possess a wide network of very high-speed servers
  • This allows you very well bypass blocking as well as accessing PUBG from anywhere and everywhere.
  • This protects all your traffic with very effective encryption that cannot be cracked under any circumstances and several other robust security features.
  • Does not log any kind of information that can be personally identified
  • Has several apps for the main operating devices and systems

A list of best and dependable VPNs suitable for the purpose of PUBG and SEO

Here are the best VPNs for playing PUBG through online media and SEO:



This is considered to be one of the best VPNs for playing PUBG. This has more than 5,000 servers placed across a long list of 59 countries. This is indeed the fastest VPN tested in the market and is an absolutely great one for streaming around 4K videos on top platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix. So, this goes without any doubt that you would get a perfect experience without any lag during playing PUBG. Its service is famous for the strong security that it offers and the encryption through 256-bit AES is also something that you can count on.


  • The prime emphasis is on security as well as the privacy
  • Perfect speeds for streaming and downloading
  • Accepts crypto currencies
  • Policy of zero-logs
  • Support of top-notch level


  • Switching between servers can prove to be slow


Surfshark is a very effective VPN of low-cost that very well provides the right access to over 1,700 servers from across more than sixty countries. This is indeed a great choice of VPN if you are looking to play games at a high speed, best unblocking ability and unlimited bandwidth. The VPN has no limit to connections and this can very well protect each and every device that you own. This VPN uses the best 256-bit encryption and protects against DNS, WebRTC leaks & IPv6 and also a kill switch for keeping your traffic hidden at all times. This also features block ads & scans for the harmful malware automatically. 

 This VPN also enables you to bypass the internet restriction that persists country-wide.

Surfshark offers Linux, Windows, Android, macOS and iOS applications. The manual configuration may be needed for usage with the home routers at times. 


  • A strong security
  • No logs are maintained whatsoever
  • There is no limit on the total number of connected devices
  • Support 24/7


  • Sometimes it experiences low speed



ExpressVPN presently operates around three thousand servers across 94 countries. This is best used for the unblocking of various services that are geo-restricted like Sling TV, Netflix US and PUBG. This VPN has high speeds and also have unlimited bandwidth. This means that you would not have to worry about the lag while playing. If you usually prefer to play while you are on a move, then there is no major problem as such. The ExpressVPN is very effective in connecting around five devices all at the same time.

This service fairly protects all your traffic that uses 256-bit AES encryption as well as protection against DNS, WebRTC and leaks byIPv6.


  • Low-latency and fast connections
  • Excellent privacy and security
  • Usage of Bitcoin and pay anonymously
  • Unblocks several kinds of contents that include the libraries of Netflix  


  • Not very configurable as several other power users



CyberGhost has been a top-rated VPN networks around with over five thousand five hundred servers across 89 countries across the globe. This means that this is easy to receive a connection with low-latency, no matter at which part of the globe you are. You can unblock PUBG using this VPN and at the same time have access to high-speed streaming platforms namely BBC iPlayer and Netflix US.

This VPN offers a user-friendly service provider in which all the robust security features are enabled all by default. The security features include IPv6, DNS and WebRTC leak protection, ad-blocker and 256-bit encryption.


  • 5000+ servers of very high speed that are placed worldwide
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • Easily unlocks a large range of geo-restricted contents


  • Not at all suitable for the ones that require control of the advanced features



IPVanish is known to be a VPN that is very fast and operates around thirteen hundred servers that are spread across more than 60 countries. This particular service very effectively unblocks the platforms like Hulu and Netflix US. So, there should not be any kind of trouble in accessing the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds at college or work.

This VPN has high in-built security features. All the activities that you conduct are always kept completely secret with the help of a combination of encryption of 256-bit, IPv6 leakage protection and DNS as well as the option of kill switch.


  • A policy of no logs
  • Very fast for the purpose of lag-free gaming
  • Very strong encryption as well as privacy protections


  • Does not accept Bitcoin

The above VPNs are deemed to be the best VPNs for playing PUBG and SEO. While you are opting for the best VPN for PUBG and SEO, you should consider factors like encryption, security, server locations, privacy and speed. These all should have the right abilities to bypass thwart censorship as well as restrictions. In the above list, we have included all the best VPNs along with their advanced features as well as prices. This would provide you with the right guidance in choosing the best VPN for PUBG and SEO.

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