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Where to look for the best UK property investment opportunities

The UK has plenty to offer when it comes to property investments, with a number of cities offering some great opportunities for buy to let investors f

The UK has plenty to offer when it comes to property investments, with a number of cities offering some great opportunities for buy to let investors from both the UK and worldwide. The success of property investments in the UK has led to a lot more interest in the property market, with around one in ten people considering a buy to let mortgage in 2018.  One of the number one mistakes that investors make, however, when looking for their first or next property investment, is forgetting to research the best locations to invest in. If you’re considering a buy to let property investment in the new year, make sure you keep the following cities in mind.

Best UK property investment opportunities

  • Liverpool
  • Manchester

  • Leeds


Liverpool has gained a reputation as a hotspot for UK property investment, and for good reason. This Northern city boasts some of the most impressive prospects for property investors, such as high average yields of 5.05%, affordable property prices, strong demand, and great capital growth potential. It is these qualities that are making more people look away from London and start to explore opportunities up North, with property investment companies like RW Invest offering investment properties in Liverpool with prices as low as £55,995. With one of the fastest growing city centre populations, Liverpool’s city centre provides a fantastic option for investors seeking buy to let property with a high level of demand. Plans for regeneration are also in the pipeline for Liverpool, including the billion pound Liverpool Waters project which will create new homes, jobs, and leisure attractions for the cities residents.


A short journey away from Liverpool, Manchester is another Northern city that’s on the rise as a go-to property investment city. Much like Liverpool, Manchester’s appeal as a buy to let city lies mainly with the affordability of property prices, and the high rental yields of 5.55% on average. In 2017, there was a record number of people leaving London to move to Manchester, highlighting both the appeal of the city and also showing that the demand for property in the city is rising. It isn’t hard to see why people are choosing to move to Manchester, being able to enjoy more affordable housing whilst taking advantage of some excellent business opportunities, attractions, and education at the same time.


Leeds is one of the UK’s upcoming cities when it comes to property investments. This Northern gem is great for property investors who want to appeal to a large student market, with the city boasting a number of fantastic universities, along with plenty to offer in terms of nightlife, cultural attractions, and more. Leeds is also home to the second largest financial sector in the country, attracting demand for property from professionals working in the city centre. An average rental yield of 4.29% ranks Leeds above London’s 3.05% average, and with big regeneration projects planned that will generate new business opportunities and create multiple homes in the city, Leeds is definitely one to watch.

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