Not all guitar glitter! It's important to buy the right guitar so that learning and playing become easy and enjoyable. Here are a few recommendations

Not all guitar glitter! It’s important to buy the right guitar so that learning and playing become easy and enjoyable. Here are a few recommendations and ‘what-nots’ in buying a stringed instrument. 

1) It’s essential to buy the right guitar

There are different types of instruments in this category that are popular. Each of them has a varied sound and distinct playability characteristics. For example, there are electric and acoustic ones. Decide the style in advance so that it would be easier to choose from these options. It is important to go with the taste of the beginner. If they are curious about the instrument, they would learn faster and better. Go through the favourite bands and get a good idea of which instruments they are using. 

2) Right size matters

Every player is different. It’s important how they handle the instrument. What if they can’t even hold it? If it is electric, it would be better for children above ten years old as it weighs a minimum of five kg. Give the beginner’s height and age to get the right-sized instrument. 

3) Electric or Acoustic? 

Electric are popular stringed instruments with the potential of producing a variety of sounds. It is used in jazz, pop, and rock. It is easier to handle as they are available in almost all sizes. Young players can go for this one as they are easier to play. Since electric one is used in popular styles, the beginner would be more interested to learn it. It produces various tones with a different amplifier as desired. 

To use acoustic instruments, there is no need for extra instruments like electronic amplifiers. Acoustic ones can produce rich sound even without it. They are commonly used in folk singing and country. It is a money-saver as they do not need an additional amplifier. 

The electric guitar is highly recommended for a beginner as it is easy to handle and produces a wide variety of sounds. 

4)The one which stays in tune

Go for standard tuning and try playing a few chords before buying one. Then, if it sounds correct, go for it. If not, it would be a difficult instrument. 

5) The one with a straight neck

For beginners, it would be easy to use an instrument with a strong and straight neck. Ask a professional to check the neck. Do the corrections needed before buying one.

Now it’s time for some tips to be the best beginner: 

1.) Utilize different string gauges 

Play thick and thin strings. Thinner strings will give a soft sound. Try different types of songs with different strings and try to be a pro in every one of them. 

2) Slow and steady wins the guitar

Practising makes everything perfect. The immediate result will be a reality if the practice is consistent and accurate. So practice slowly and enjoy every little music produced. 

3) Go for budget-friendly

Since electronic instruments need extra accessories, choose wisely. There are plenty in the market but pick the right and most needed accessory within a friendly budget.

4) Take lessons 

Be dependable and take professional lessons to improve the playing. Going for rehearsals and watching the favourite band playing would improve the playing skill very much. 

5) Be a singer too

Try to sing with the instrument so that it would open up new possibilities in music-making.

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