Making it Happen: Tips on How to Become a Successful Fashion Stylist

In this article, we will take a closer look at tips on how to start a successful career as a fashion stylist. So, let us cut into the chase and get d

In this article, we will take a closer look at tips on how to start a successful career as a fashion stylist. So, let us cut into the chase and get down to business.

Learn more about garment construction, fit and fabric

Even if you do not go to a style school, there are some easy ways to know and learn about fashion. A lot of people live near a clothing shop or department stores. If you are lucky, you can get a part-time job in high-end boutiques. Compare your shirts and pants to more expensive stuff and notice the differences in design and cuts.

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Check the insides of the garments and see how the clothes are made. Ask people who have experience in dealing with garments and fabrics, and learn how to distinguish good clothes from bad ones. As you got more and more exposed to a lot of garments from different designers and manufacturers, you will find out the difference between Balmain from Balenciaga without looking at their tags.

Attend events that are related to fashion

While it is not easy to be a critic in front of the computer monitor (A.K.A armchair critic), catching shows during fashion week is a different experience. Whether you got invited or sneaked in, it is great to see fabulous clothes come down the runway. It will give you the chance to see designer clothes up close and get a good sense of how the fashion world works.

Attending these events is an excellent way to attract clients, gain credibility, show your face to relevant people, network, and be surrounded by professionals. So, if you get did not get a good view during the runway show, the after-party could be an excellent event to make up for it.

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Always know what the trends in this industry are

You need to pay attention to the trends that are happening on the runway, as well as the marketplace. The knowledge you will get is essential when you want to start a career in this industry. You will have a good head start on what is hot, what is not, and what is trending because a lot of clients have little to no idea about this stuff.

On the other hand, other customers might want to steer clear of what other people or celebrities are wearing or things that popular magazines are shooting. It means that, not only knowing what are the latest trends in the industry, or what clothes, shoes or perfume, celebrities are wearing, but also you can keep track of all the collections from the small brands to high-end designer clothes.

Use social media platforms as a tool to not look like a tool

If you want to be a successful and reputable fashion stylist in this digital age, you need to take a break from posting food pictures and selfies. Use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to follow your favorite stylists and the clients that they are handling and see what they are working on, the photos of shoes and clothes they are wearing and the accessories these celebrities are using.

It will give you a closer view of what is really going on behind-the-scene on these high-end events, long before a brand or trend begins to pop off in public. It is an excellent way to develop a good eye for what is the next trend.

Pay your dues

Almost if not all successful fashion stylist has worked for other stylists at one point in their life. Most internships do not have salaries, but the experience and the knowledge you can gain doing it is priceless. In most cases, if you’re a good intern, you will get a regular job with a salary as an assistant.

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It is a first step in the long road to becoming a professional stylist, and whether you like it or not, you cannot skip it. You will need references and connections along the way, and these people can help you with that, especially if the people you are working for, are big names in the fashion world.

That is why it pays to make sure that you do everything the right way and always do your best at work. On the other hand, you will also make a lot of new friends with the proper connections. On the bright side, because you are working for someone who is dealing with trends, you will have a first look, or probably first dibs, on the latest clothes, bags and accessories.

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Nurture the relationships that you built and build your network

As you start working in this industry, you will meet a lot of people that can help you start a career in styling. But do not try too hard or do anything unprofessional or stupid like telling people that you are a big-shot in the fashion world when you are really just a starting intern.

It is hard to build a relationship with designers, brands, and anyone in this industry. It takes a lot of time, money and effort. That is why you should avoid, at all cost, to be that kind of guy at fashion events or parties. You always need to be professional, at the same time, be the laid-back cool guy that everyone wants to be around with. You never know the people you are going to meet at these events, doors that could be opened or what kinds of opportunities awaits you.

Stylist and personal shopper

There is a big difference between a stylist and a personal shopper. Contrary to popular belief, not every person who claims to be a stylist on Instagram or Facebook is the real deal. Personal shoppers earn a lot of money, but offer different services compared to a stylist.

Personal shoppers go to stores on behalf of the clients and buy the clothes that you think will suit them. You need to know the taste of the client when it comes to fashion to be an effective personal shopper. On the other hand, a stylist helps the clients create an image.