Know and Avoid the Common Excuses People Make for Skipping Family Travel

You will come across a lot of people who will want to stop you from traveling with your family. They will make all sorts of excuses for them and give

You will come across a lot of people who will want to stop you from traveling with your family. They will make all sorts of excuses for them and give you some of the strangest reasons for you to follow their suit. However, sensible person that you are, you must know that these are just excuses that are commonly made by the escapists who either want to do something else that they want to hide from their family or want to save money depriving them and their family of such pleasure that money cannot buy.

Therefore, avoid these naysayers when you meet them while discussing your future plans for a trip with your family. You will be better off and more confident that way. This will also prevent you from having any self-doubts and come out of the myths that these unreliable people create about traveling with your family.

In fact, traveling with your family and especially with your kids can be a lot more fun than traveling alone. You do that enough already when you have to visit clients for your business and professional reasons. Traveling with your family will bring you closer to them and build a better understanding and stronger bond whether it is by car, plane, and train or even on an e-bike hired from an e-bike rental NYC.

Outdated conventional wisdom

Most people are the victim of outdated conventional wisdom and do not travel anymore once their kids come to this world. Before you internalize such line of thinking make sure you realize why they say so.

  • These people are mostly those families that simply cannot afford to travel due to their financial constraints. They are the people that do not want to or have the guts to admit the fact that they are unable to make two ends meet and therefore put the blame unjustifiably on the innocent infants.
  • Few of these people who oppose traveling with kids are also the victims of conflicting and utterly wrong information provided online and in different media. However, today, you will find several bloggers who recommend family travel ignoring these common reasons to delay or even cancel family travel.
  • On the other hand, you will also come across few other people who will say that such travel with kids is just a waste of money as they will remember nothing when they grow up and therefore you should postpone your travel plans till they grow up. You should ask them how well they remember their last trip or even what they said to their boss last week. You will be as surprised as them!
  • However, the fact that a child learns through images and pictures make such travels more effective. Though they will not remember every minute detail as you may, they will surely remember the most enjoyable moments during the trip. They will surely remember the Eiffel Tower or even the bike ride through the park on a hired bike from an e-bike rental NYC.
  • They will also say that traveling with family especially the kids is too difficult a proposition. However, things have changed now and most of the things can be done online making things easier for you. In fact, you can make your travel plans and arrange for everything long before your departure date right from your home.
  • When you travel with young kids with you, it will, in fact, help them grow knowing the challenges that may arise and set you as an example to resolve their own challenges later on in their life. Travel, therefore, influences them to be the person who they are and shape them up properly to be the person who they will be. Therefore, growing up traveling will help your kids to become comfortable, knowing how to deal with all and any types of situations.
  • These people will also suggest that you will not be able to do a lot of things when you travel with kids and family. You will not be able to party all night, go for hiking or trekking or biking are a few common things that they will cite as examples. True as these may be, it only needs a proper plan crafted well ahead of time and slowing down a little bit to travel with your kids and family.
  • In fact, traveling with babies is much easier than traveling with toddlers, infants, and even young kids. This is because babies sleep quite a lot and therefore you will have enough quiet time. Add to that, apart from their hunger pangs and involuntary excretion of wastes from their body, you will not have to experience any other tantrums commonly associated with the kids. Babies only eat, sleep and poop and repeat it not specifically in that order always. Since they are less mobile, traveling with your baby is perhaps the best thing to do for a memorable trip.
  • Few people will say that the worst thing about traveling with kids and family is that you do not have the liberty and luxury to choose a destination according to your choice. You will have to stick to only those destinations that are essentially built for the kids; this is what they will say. This is another common mistake they make. However, there are lots more than theme parks and prepackaged vacations for the kids to enjoy. You simply have to include child-friendly activities during the trip that your kids will enjoy.
  • Packing is another excuse that they will give to you to prevent you from traveling with kids and family. It is true that the luggage of one person will be much less than luggage for four and additional baggage charges but these are all only temporary inconveniences. You can always hire a porter, a larger vehicle or even rent baby equipment when you reach your destination to travel light.

Therefore, you should never postpone or cancel your travel plans with your family or kids as there are lots of ways to make it easy, hassle-free and memorable.