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Surviving School: 6 Tips For Aussie High School Students In 2022

High school is tough at the best of times, but with the economy sending your parents into a spin and the pandemic still complicating things, 2022 will

High school is tough at the best of times, but with the economy sending your parents into a spin and the pandemic still complicating things, 2022 will likely have some extra challenges to throw at you. To successfully navigate this unique set of circumstances, work on implementing the tips below:   

1. Patch your weak spots

Whether you need to hire a VCE English tutor or take swimming lessons outside of school, it’s incredibly helpful to target your weak spots instead of shying away from them. It is, of course, tempting to focus on the subjects you’re good at and avoid those that make you feel frustrated or inadequate. However, if you dedicate at least a little time to patching these weak spots every week, your confidence will grow along with your skill level. 

2. Share your feelings

Whether it’s with your family, friends, or staff at your school, it’s important that you have someone to talk to about your feelings. Even if you don’t quite know how to verbalize what’s going on, find someone you can trust, and just start wherever you can. The process of talking is often what helps you gain clarity about how you’re feeling and what you need to do to address any problems you’re facing. If you feel like no one around you understands, contact one of the many dedicated helplines in Australia.  

3. Create a schedule

This is the best way to ensure that you fit in every bit of homework, study, and preparation you need to ace your exams and turn in brilliant assignments. It also helps you avoid the stress and sleep loss involved in last-minute cramming. Surprisingly, it makes studying feel like less of a drag. If you know that you only have to put in an hour of work each afternoon, this can help you work up the motivation needed to get it done.  

4. Put your hand up more

Whether it’s to ask questions, give answers, participate in class discussions, or volunteer for extracurricular activities, putting your hand up and getting involved is the best way to learn and grow. You may give wrong answers from time to time, and you might not enjoy every extracurricular activity. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Your high school years are the ideal time to try new things and discover what you like, what you don’t like, and where your hidden talents or passions lie.  

5. Spend productive time with friends

Of course, you shouldn’t spend every waking moment studying, and you shouldn’t try to turn every hangout into a productivity session. However, you can blend your downtime with study to make school life easier. For example, Friday night could start with an hour of study and then slip into pizza and video games. By studying in a fun and social way, you can stop thinking about it as a boring chore. 

6. Take care of your health

With the pandemic still lurking in the background of our daily lives, the need to look after your physical and mental health has never been greater. Whether you get involved in sports, surf on the weekends, take up martial arts, or go for long walks after school, it’s important to fit in some kind of regular activity you enjoy. 

How you fuel your body is perhaps even more important, but that doesn’t mean you have to eat boring meals every day. Eat what you love – just make sure you’re including plenty of veggies. 

Though you’ll still face challenges throughout the school year, the tips above should help you lighten the load and achieve your desired results.