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Best Ways to Approach Class 12 Accountancy Question Paper

Class 12 is one of the life-changing phases in a student’s career. Every student is in a race of scoring better marks and choosing the best career opt

Class 12 is one of the life-changing phases in a student’s career. Every student is in a race of scoring better marks and choosing the best career option for themselves. One of the most faced questions by every student at this point of time is “How to attempt the Class 12 Accountancy Question Paper in order to utilise time properly and attempt a maximum number of questions with accuracy?”.

To help you score better, we have shared the best ways to approach the Class 12 Accountancy paper. Knowing the best ways to approach the exam, will enable you to make a smart strategy and an elementary approach toward the CBSE exam.

In CBSE Class 12 Boards exam, you get an extra 15 minutes to read the question paper. Make sure you read the question paper thoroughly with complete focus and avoiding any distraction to get a quick overview of the exam. After that, divide the question paper into three different stages:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Difficult

First Phase: – Select the easy questions to be attempted first i.e. the one-mark theory-based questions. As you know, securing marks from every section is important, therefore solving these questions will assure you with defined marks without any deduction.

This section involves 8 questions which can be attempted on an average of 3 minutes per question. Hence the total time should not exceed more than 24 minutes overall for the entire 1 mark questions asked in the accounts paper of NCERT Class 12 accounts paper.

Second Phase: – In this phase, you should choose the questions with 1-2 journals, profit/loss or ratio-based questions. These questions are generally less time taking and can help you to secure 3-4 marks with ease.

A student should not spend more than 8 minutes on an average to solve this phase. If the question is taking more time, this means it is not worth solving. Hence, you should leave such questions to be picked up at the end.

Third Phase: – This is the most important and time taking phase. Only 6-8 mark questions should be kept for this phase. Ensure you are good in making formats in order to save time. 4-5 questions are asked this section, which can be completed on an average of 60 minutes i.e. if a student does not spend more than 12 min per question.

Most of the times, students are unable to match the balance sheet or drive the expected conclusion. Hence you should ensure the proper steps because marks are rigidly awarded for every step in the board exams.

Benefits of attempting the question paper in this manner

  1. To start up an exam, it is important to read the entire question with complete focus. Utilise the extra 15 minutes to analyse the paper and find out the section to be attempted first along with the marking scheme. Mark the main points of the questions to answer in a proper and defined manner. Most of the times students make a mistake of not reading questions properly which at last results in getting inaccurate solutions.
  2. Once you are clear with the sections, it will be easy for you to attempt questions serially without skipping any question. In case, If the student does not know any answer then they can leave a space and try an attempt that at the end. Attempting questions in the series will help you write the answers in a presentable manner and also it will be easy for the examiner to see the answers quickly.
  3. To avoid a bad impression on the examiners, make sure to write legibly answers in order to get more marks. Presentation plays a lead role in the board exams, therefore doubtlessly present your answer sheet in a neat and clean manner. Show the rough work neatly, wherever required as they do carry marks in almost all the practical questions.
  4. For each calculation, always solve answers properly in a stepwise manner. As per the board guidelines, every step is allocated with a mark. In case the students are unable to match the balance sheet, then also you will be awarded for some of the entries drafted correctly.

Everyone has his or her own comfortable area, but as a general view, we would suggest you solve CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Question Paper as per the NCERT Solutions guidelines. Difficult and lengthy questions should be on priority as they will help you fetch a good chunk of marks. As we know the starting aspect in the exam is completely fresh with no time boundaries but in the end, we all are in a rush to reach the finish line.