Android App Developer

Android app development is a field that brings ample of career opportunities for the aspiring candidates. Get to know why you should become an Android developer and how you can make a good career start in this domain.

So you are a budding app developer in the Android market and want to pursue your career in the same. Well, many of you might be still confused with the question – Is it a good career option or should I delve into some other technology?

Don’t worry! The rise in the demand of Android developers is a good indication that you are on a safe road where several others are also traveling. In fact, according to a survey done in the recent past, it was found that there is more than 40% of the increase in the job vacancies for android developers.

However, the concern that how far and high one can go in this sphere totally depends on one’s skills and knowledge. If you are able to use your creative flair in application development and can do things beyond imagination which strikes the market, then chances are quite bright for you here.

Since its existence in the year 2007, the Android phones have gained much momentum. It is found that out of every 10 mobile phone, 6 are Android based. I will bring some of the most useful and informational facts about why this is a good career choice, as mentioned below:

  • Salary packages are quite high and satisfying
  • The platform is ever growing which indicates increasing opportunities
  • Developers and designers can work as freelancers
  • You can get the chance to work with top companies
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So by now, it is crystal clear that Android is a growing market and offers a whole lot of opportunities to the enthusiasts. If you are looking forward to trying your hand on this platform, then join a web development company having expertise in the Android application. Moreover, you can look for online courses that offer tutorials on Android app development. Certainly, this could be a great head start for you! Good Luck!

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