A Closer Look Into Why So Many Kia Engines Failing

Whether you own a Kia vehicle or you are considering purchasing one, chances are you're trying to find out as much as you can about these vehicles. Ki

Whether you own a Kia vehicle or you are considering purchasing one, chances are you’re trying to find out as much as you can about these vehicles. Kia has an excellent reputation for making high-quality cars, but some owners find that they experience engine trouble and then the engine subsequently fails in these vehicles. Here is an in-depth overview as to why this happens, as well as how to possibly prevent engine failure in your Kia vehicle.

Familiarize yourself with common Kia engine issues

Despite Kia’s reputation for making vehicles that are extremely reliable, every car engine has its weaknesses and Kia is no different. If you become as knowledgeable as possible about the problems that Kia engines sometimes experience, then you can better care for the vehicle to minimize the chances of its engine failing and having to purchase a replacement Kia engine, 

What are some of Kia’s common engine problems? Well, one very common problem is feeling a vibration from the engine while the vehicle is idling. Another common problem with Kia engines is the tendency for the engine to overheat. An engine that overheats has likely lacked the proper maintenance that is necessary to keep the engine’s cooling system in tip-top condition. 

Additionally, some Kia owners notice that their vehicle lacks proper power when they attempt to accelerate. This could be dangerous, especially when attempting to make a turn out into traffic. This problem could be due to issues with the fuel system, lack of sufficient airflow to the engine, a faulty exhaust system, and more.  

The engine misfiring is another commonly-reported problem among Kia owners, and this problem can be both annoying and damaging. Each time the engine misfires, the fuel that enters the chamber is not burning as it should, and as a result of misfiring, damage to the catalytic converter, pistons, and cylinders is very likely to occur.

Have there been any Kia recalls due to engine issues?

In April of 2015, some versions of the Kia Optima were recalled due to engine stalling, which was potentially a very dangerous issue. There was another recall by the manufacturer that included Kia Sportage, Rondo, and Sorento vehicles due to faulty valves that led to potentially dangerous engine problems. 

If you’re not sure if your particular Kia has been recalled, then you can go to the Kia website under “Recalls.” You must have your 17-digit VIN so you can find out if there are any recalls that pertain to your specific Kia.

Extended warranties

If you find that your vehicle hasn’t been recalled for any issues and you’re experiencing engine problems, then any repair of the engine may be covered under the warranty. Kia is known for providing some of the best warranties in the industry, and hopefully, your vehicle is still within the timeframe in which the warranty is valid when you start experiencing trouble. You will need to contact the warranty department and refer to the paperwork that you received upon purchasing your vehicle.

Preventing engine failure

While there is never a surefire way to completely prevent engine failure, there are some smart ways to minimize your chances of experiencing failure with your Kia engine. The first way to keep your failure chances to a minimum is to ensure that you obtain regular and timely oil changes, transmission flushes, and other recommended types of maintenance.  A second way to decrease the chances of your engine failing is to take your car to a reputable mechanic as soon as you notice a problem. 

Whether you hear a strange noise coming from the engine, you notice that your vehicle is utilizing unusually high amounts of oil, or something else, then it’s important that you have the problem diagnosed and fixed immediately. If you ignore the issue, then the problem will only become worse over time, dramatically increasing your chances of eventually experiencing engine failure.

If you already own a Kia vehicle and you haven’t experienced engine trouble, then don’t panic, because your car could be an exception. The important thing to do is to keep your Kia properly maintained, and hopefully, you can avoid any engine trouble. If you do start to experience symptoms of impending engine failure, such as loss of power, your check-engine light lighting up, stalling, etc., then you should get your vehicle to a reputable engine specialist to hopefully prevent complete engine failure. Hopefully, your engine can be saved, so you won’t have to contend with replacement or repair.