A briefing on different types of visa for Kuwait

Nestled between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, Kuwait is emerging as a developing country and in a very short period of time, it has successfully managed to establish itself as one of the prominent countries in the world arena. High rising skyscrapers, corporate buildings, shopping malls, the world-famous Liberation Tower, mosques are showcasing the intermingling of traditions with modernity. With the advancement in science and technology and increasing economical and social growth, Kuwait is gathering a large number of expatriate from all over the world. It’s a natural phenomenon of the human instinct to go out to find the best opportunities with a quality living standard. The growth in the tourism sector is helping Kuwait’s economy. So the authority has decided to allow different types of visa according to the requirements of visitors.

Below we will give you a brief of the different types of visa provided by Kuwait that is necessary to enter their territory:

  • Tourist visa
  • Transit visa
  • Business visa

Tourist visa

Kuwait authority allows tourist visa to the applicants who want to visit the country for touristic purpose. It is necessary to mention that for how many days you are planning to stay in the country as a tourist and after completion of the specific you have to move out. If you are an Indian resident, you can directly contact Kuwait Visa Consultant in Delhi. It takes hardly ¾ business days to receive the visa.

Those who are eligible to apply for visa can apply it online and it will take hardly few minutes to complete the form. Our Kuwait Tourist Visa Agent will assist you with valid documentation and within ¾ business days you will get your permission to enter to land of unending but mesmerizing deserts.

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Transit Visa

Transit visa is given for a short duration. It allows traveler to tour the intermediate airport cities en route where they have to wait to change the flight. If you have sufficient time and enthusiasm to explore the city, you can obtain it from airport authority by giving proper documents that is necessary to apply for transit visa or else you can simply apply for it via an online application. Contact for Kuwait Transit Visa to get yours online. You have only 7 days to use that visa and after the expiry date, you will have to get a new one.

Business visa

Indian applicants who wish to apply for business visa to Kuwait can simply contact Kuwait Visa consultant in Delhi to get proper information about the procedures. You can apply for Business Visa for Kuwait only if you have valid purposes like for conference, company meeting vice versa.

Contact to us for further information.

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