5 Things Required To Know About Seed Box

A seed box is a remote server hosted in a high-bandwidth data center. This is used for safe uploading and downloading of digital files. The speed of s

A seed box is a remote server hosted in a high-bandwidth data center. This is used for safe uploading and downloading of digital files. The speed of seed box ranges from 100 M bits to 10 G bits. People can download files into their personal computers with access to a seed box. For high-speed torrent uploads and downloads, a seed box will be used. A seed box is a hosting server that may not be required by various internet users, but it is mandatory for few others. Many people use it nowadays for downloading music and movie files from internet. People who want the privacy of their identity will also use seed box. For private trackers, there will be a necessity of high download speeds and high upload speeds.

Things to know about Seed box

What is a seed box:

A seed box is a server that is hosted on a data center with tons of other servers. This can be used to download or upload torrents at high speed.  This can be opened simply like logging in other websites. Every seed box will have a unique IP address.


Different types of Seed boxes are available for different operating systems. If an individual thinks of using seed box, then he/she will obtain many options. Options may be like seed box for Windows, seed box for MAC, seed box for Linux, etc., Many websites provide hosting services, and any one can choose from them. If I am a windows user, I should opt for windows seed box package then I look for seed box for Windows XP or Windows 7 or any other windows version. I can also have my own ISO, for having my own customized setup.


The main function of Seed box is sharing the file with less pressure on the bandwidth of the server.

Need for a Seed Box:

  • Safety: it hides the real identity, real connection, and IP address.
  • Speed: Its Speed lies between 10 Mb/s to 1 G bps. Downloading and uploading is done within minutes and software can be downloaded or uploaded in few seconds only.
  • 24/7 no worries: There is no need to worry if there is any disrupt in power or connection.
  • Home connection: Internet connection for family and friends will be free for use.
  • Competition: Competitive Private tracker people will have a powerful edge if they use seed box.
  • Ratio: Seed box will help to establish a high ratio. If one possesses that, they will be free to download any file that they wish to download.

Features of Best Seed Box:

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Supporting an unlimited number of data transfers.
  • Lots of space and high capacity to store a large amount of data.
  • Should be within the budget.
  • Location of seed box: Closer location= faster speed.
  • Seed box should not allow public trackers.
  • Should have a trial period before one can buy it.

Thus a seed box helps in fast downloading and uploading of data. More security will be provided by seed box which helps from hackers. Seed box also facilitates the strong existence of competition. In this advanced technological world, seed box provides our high security and safety to our data.