5 Signs you need to refill your gas in AC

Air conditioners have become increasingly popular among urban households. Life without one can be like a living disaster. We don’t want our place to b

Air conditioners have become increasingly popular among urban households. Life without one can be like a living disaster. We don’t want our place to be warm during summer days. But is your ifb ac acting weird by not cooling enough as it should be this summer? 

If it is then, you better start looking out for signs and inspecting your AC’s physical well-being. If you’re seeing water dripping from it, or the ac not cooling enough then it’s more likely that your ac needs refilling.

It can be due to so many reasons like erosion of the metal over time, gas leak due to breaking of metallic elements, and many more. Let us find out what’s costing you excess electricity bills along with comfortability.

Here we are listing down five signs that you can relate to when your ifb AC isn’t cooling much and needs replenishment:


AC is meant to cool, and if yours isn’t doing it, then it’s most probable that your ac needs gas refilling. The part of cooling is mainly done by the refrigerant. Its main function is to inhale the heat from the inside of your house and exhale it outwards. And this can be the most probable reason behind your ac taking a long time to cool. According to technicians it also happens when the refrigerant levels have decreased.  

We switch on air conditioners during summertime only. Not using them for months can lead to poor maintenance and it begins to show poor cooling power over time. Hence time to time maintenance checks must be carried out and flaws should be fixed. 


Yes, that’s right! Not sure why your electricity bills are on cloud 9. Time to inspect! When it comes to cooling air conditioners reasoning for high bills can be many. Maybe because your vents aren’t performing properly.

Or they’re closed and aren’t letting the air pass out. If there isn’t any fault, then it’s time to look into other parts like the refrigerant. Sometimes due to the lessening of the refrigerant levels, the air conditioners do not cool much.

AC gas must be filled with the right gears and safety tools in hand. Sometimes Freon and Puron do not get consumed throughout the whole lifetime of the air conditioner. 


When the AC gas leakage happens, the gas hits the interior of the pipes and vents. Which leads to the emptying of the AC gas from the refrigerant. This is one sign where the ac gas will require replenishment later on. If you encounter certain weird sounds from your ac chances are you need a technician to come and check the physical well-being of the AC. 

AC gas leakage will lead to utter bad consequences and we’ll have to look out for that. Hence these sounds must be looked up and tracked to the conclusion: whether or not your air conditioner needs ac gas replenishments. 


There can be many visible signs from your ac that might hint towards ac gas refilling. The first one is the warm air which you feel even when your air conditioner runs for the whole day. If there is any thin, greyish-colored greasy substance coming out, then it’s Freon. It is potentially dangerous to human health. 

It’s basically due to some really bad technical void in the system. If you notice any of that then it’s time you call up a technician to check up on the air conditioner. 

Check up your air conditioner for these visible leaks to fix them sooner.


Vents are the spaces that connect the outside atmosphere to the inside of the house. These vents are supposed to take all the air from inside of the house and throw it outside. It helps in enhancing the ventilation of the house. Two problems occur in the vent area. One when the vent is all clogged up and there’s no proper ventilation taking place. 

Second is when vents blow out lukewarm air. The vents blow out warm air because the cooling mechanism inside the air conditioner has stopped. And this means your 2-ton air conditioner needs a refill of the gas.


Refilling gas into a 2 ton air conditioner should be done by the technician. Attempting to refill by oneself can lead to fatal consequences. Buying an entirely new refrigerant cannot be of any use because it might have to get refilled again. The above mentioned are signs that you should see before refilling the ac gas. 

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