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4 Spectacular Tips to Boost Shopify SEO Results

Do you want to boost your Shopify sales? The retail platform’s total sales reached over AUD 2.2 billion in 2019, according to Shopify. In order to boo

Do you want to boost your Shopify sales? The retail platform’s total sales reached over AUD 2.2 billion in 2019, according to Shopify. In order to boost your online store’s sales, it’s important to focus on key matters like shopify SEO. It includes different factors related to your website structure, keyword research, and Google search results. Here are some helpful tips to help boost your online store’s visibility, visits, and sales:

Pick Good Shopify Themes

Just as you can improve the layout of a physical store, you can take the same step to improve your Shopify store. This includes selecting an ideal Shopify theme. 

The step improves the shopping experience of any current and potential customers who visit your site. Besides dozens of themes, you can also get more customized styles. 

Most themes range from about AUD 190 to AUD 250.  But you can also find free themes if you’re on a tight budget. 

Make sure to first determine the goal of your Shopify theme. This can help to pick the right one to achieve those goals. Here are just some of the primary issues to consider:

  • What’s your website design’s budget?
  • What features do you want for your store?
  • How will your products be displayed?
  • What kind of shopping experience do you wish to create?
  • What styles are your competitors using?

Even these general issues include more specific issues. For example, in terms of your store features, some issues include:

  • Image displays
  • Infinite scrolling
  • Instagram feeds

Feature Your Value Proposition

There are over half a million Shopify stores, so there’s a good chance other stores are offering some of the same products as you. Make sure your store shares how it differs from others within your niche. 

The fancy term is the “value proposition.” It boils down to this question: Why should consumers pick your Shopify store?

Studies reveal that online retailers often only have an ultra-short time to convince visitors to stay at their Internet store. There are various ways you can present your value proposition.

It’s important to address certain issues when creating a value position. Make sure to speak directly to your particular market. Furthermore, include what customers expect already. 

Boost Page-Loading Speed

This is a critical feature of any webpage, including online stores. In fact, it can even have a big factor in both desktop and mobile search. If customers have to deal with long loading times, they are more likely to shop around. That, in turn, will increase your “bounce rate” and lower Google rankings 

You can make some basic changes to speed up loading times, including changes related to:

  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Images
  • Shopify Theme 
  • Product Schema
  • Broken Links

It’s important to boost your Shopify store’s load times for desktop and mobile devices. Studies show that about 9 out of 10 Australians now own smartphones, according to Deloitte. While mobile devices already have longer load times, your store’s pages should be faster than average.

Eliminate Site Clutter

This isn’t just a step you should take at your home and office, but also when designing/redesigning your Shopify store. Make sure to avoid overloading the site. This will provide shoppers with the best possible experience. They can browse your store for the items they want. A clutter-free site will also run better and load faster.

Just focus on limited specialized products. These could be promotional products, bestsellers, or even slow-moving products. You should also focus on offering your customers must-have products, which tend to have a higher demand versus want-to-have products.

If you want to increase your Shopify shoppers and buyers, then consider using shopify SEO. It can help to drive web traffic to your store, rank higher in Google search, and boost conversion rates by turning shoppers into customers. The key is to optimize your company’s search engine optimization!

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