3 Tips on Staying Hydrated This Summer

Summers are full of fun and zeal, but you must take care of your hydration during the summer season due to excessive sweating. Living things can't sur

Summers are full of fun and zeal, but you must take care of your hydration during the summer season due to excessive sweating. Living things can’t survive without water. You must ensure proper water intake to hydrate yourself, especially during summer. 

What is the Prescribed Quantity of Water You Should Drink Daily? 

You should consume a lot of water. However, drinking at least eight glasses or 3 liters of water daily is a must and is recommended. All your body functions rely on water. Keep yourself hydrated every day, and don’t wait for yourself to get thirsty before drinking water.

Why is Staying Hydrated During Summer Important?

Getting enough intake of water is essential for your body’s functions. You need more water during warm summer days especially when you are physically more active than usual. 

More water is required when you are going through a stomach illness such as diarrhea. Make sure not to forget to drink water, especially between 10 am to 4 pm. These are peak hours of the sun and can dehydrate you if you stay outside your home. 

What Occurs When You Reduce Your Water Intake? 

Your body will become dehydrated if you are not drinking enough liquids. You won’t see the symptoms immediately, but they will become apparent and start with cramps or muscle aches. 

Symptoms of Dehydration 

Some initial symptoms include feeling lethargic, dark urine color, and constant headaches. If there is severe water deficiency, you might stop feeling hungry and get constipated. After some time, you can also get kidney stones. 

How to Retain Hydration 

Start hydrating yourself from the moment you wake up.  Follow these three ways to help you stay hydrated.

1-Make a Routine of Water Intake

In the morning, when you wake up, sip on water. Keep a gap of two hours to drink a full glass of water again after waking up. At lunchtime, drink a glass before having food. Then in the evening too, drink a glass of water. Stick to this routine. 

Surround yourself with water bottles. Keep a double-wall insulated water bottle at your workplace, at your home, near your bed, and every place you find yourself frequently. Such bottles keep water at the right temperature as needed for up to 24 hours.

Drink as you sweat

When doing physical activities like exercising, gymming, jogging, or hiking, drink water to replenish yourself when you sweat. This will assist you in getting back the water you lost through sweating. Also, it is crucial to increase water intake during a humid day.

2- Increase the Intake of Water-Rich Foods

Start eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in water. Doing so will allow you to prevent dehydration even in summer. 

Fruits rich in water content

Eating watermelon is an excellent way to balance your hydration. Moreover, eat juicy Oranges, Melons, Strawberries, and Pomegranates to maintain hydration. 

Vegetables rich in water content

Vegetables such as Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Spinach, and Broccoli are excellent water sources. All of the above fruits and vegetables have around 90 percent water. 

Go for iced tea and iced coffee. Such drinks contain more than ninety percent water. Moreover, cold soups are also an excellent source of hydration. You should prefer broth-based soups as they have high water content.  

3- Replace Fizzy Drinks and Fruit Juices with Coconut Water

You might also love coconut water if you love juices and sweet drinks. 

How is coconut water better than ordinary fruit juices?

Coconut water is an excellent replacement for fizzy drinks and extra-sweet juices. It is known for strengthening the heart and kidneys. It is full of nutrients and minerals that are not found in artificial fruit juices and flavored drinks. It has carbs, sugar, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, and potassium. 

If you do not like water, use flavored water instead. You can add the flavor of your favorite fruit to your water bottle to make water less boring. 


Without water, your body’s mechanism can disrupt. Water is vital for all bodily activities, such as the absorption of food and blood flow. You should develop a habit of drinking enough water. Set water intake reminders, so you don’t forget to drink the prescribed amount.