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A Colorado criminal lawyer explains your rights when protesting

As a resident of the United States, you can assemble people who believe in your cause and carry out a peaceful protest against the government based on

As a resident of the United States, you can assemble people who believe in your cause and carry out a peaceful protest against the government based on the way you view things. The First Amendment of U.S. Constitution allows you to protect in a peaceful manner in public spaces like streets, public squares, sidewalks, and parks. However, the government can also put certain restrictions on all of your protesting and speech, which are termed as the “time, place, and manner” restrictions. In such cases, the police or law enforcement can come forward and arrest you or your fellow compatriots. So if you think that you have been arrested in an unfair way, it is important that you get in touch with a criminal defence lawyer Colorado who can offer you the best legal representation that you need.

How First Amendment works in case of protesting

The First Amendment protects the free speech of the people of the United States. In other words, it covers all kinds of communications such as making speeches, holding rallies, handing out flyers, picketing, carrying posters as well as peaceful demonstrations. While the First Amendment certainly offers people the right to protest and make their opinions known to the government, it can still establish certain rules in regards to the way these speech activities take place. The government cannot regulate or control the nature and content of the speech or bring in rules which favor any specific side in case of some controversial idea, topic or speech.

Restrictions to time, manner and place may be implemented by the government which can determine how and where such speeches can be carried out. However, it is important that such restrictions do not in any way promote or undermine the nature of the speech and its content. The restrictions put forth should also be pertaining to the benefit of the public and offer the scope to try out other methods of communication that can be used by the protestors.

Importance of a permit for a protest in Colorado

When you are looking to carry out a peaceful protest in Colorado, you must have a permit for it. If you do not have the permit, then the law enforcement agencies may arrest you or others associated with your protest parade or march.

These are some of the instances when you must have a permit for your protest march.

  • A parade, march or an event fails to remain limited to the sidewalk and may cause traffic blockage and/or a street closure

  • A large rally or protest which makes use of different kinds of sound-amplifying components which may be disturbing to others

  • A demonstration that is carried out in some specific designated plazas, areas and parks

How a Colorado lawyer may help

In many cases, what starts as peaceful protests may lead to arrests and interference from the police. If that is the case with you or any of your friends and compatriots, you may feel that you have been unfairly treated by the government. The best thing for you to do on such situations would be to get in touch with a leading lawyer or a law firm that can offer you reliable solutions. Criminal defence lawyers in Denver are some of the very best in all of the United States and they have the experience needed to handle tricky cases such as these. They can deal with the federal laws pertaining to protest arrests and guide you in the best possible manner. They can also help you or your friend to get out of jail at the shortest possible time.