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10 Immigration lawyers in Canada

Introduction For a good life and to increase their standard of living, people shift from one country to the other country. This movement is known as


For a good life and to increase their standard of living, people shift from one country to the other country. This movement is known as Immigration. But! As you know, the immigration process is not easy, and one has to struggle a lot due to insufficient knowledge. In order to understand the immigration process and steps, you need a lawyer who can help you out. The lawyer who helps you in the immigration process is the immigration lawyer. These lawyers will help you out in knowing all the processes related to Immigration and work to make the path easy for you. 

Canada being a powerful country, welcomes thousands of foreign people from other countries to live in Canada and to make their dream come true. When living in Canada or planning you shift, in all cases, you will need an immigration lawyer to guide you throughout the process. In this article, I will be mentioning some of the top immigration lawyers in Canada. Let’s have a look at them- 

  1.  Shoshana T. Green – Shoshana T. Green, being twenty-five years of experience, is a partner at Green and Spiegel LLP, Toronto. Experienced in Canadian Immigration, Shoshana is a certified immigration lawyer in citizenship and Immigration. She has received her certification from the Law Society of Ontario. Listed in the Who’s Immigration Lawyer (official research partner of the International Bar Association) in the year 2018-2022, She is definitely one of the best immigration lawyers one can find in Canada. Shoshana is globally recognized for her work. She handles operations such as assisting employees and individuals in hiring foreign workers, applying for permanent residency, helping students of other countries to study in Canada, etc. She has won the best lawyer of the year award in 2008 & 2017, ranked by the Best Lawyer Canada for Immigration Law from 2008- to 2022.
  2. Sergio R. Karas- certified by the Law Society of Ontario Sergio R. Karasis, a Canadian immigration lawyer specialist and is known for helping people or clients to fulfill their dream of living in Canada and for attending high-profile cases. With experience working in countries like Italy, Portuguese, and Germany, this man fluently speaks English, French and Spanish languages. What makes him unique is his experience. Sergio R. Karas has been a member of the Law Society of Ontario, the Canadian Bar Association (CBA), American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), and has been the past chair of the Citizenship and Immigration Section of the Ontario Bar Association (OBA), Immigration and Nationality Committee of the International Bar Association (IBA), Canada Committee. Presently he is the co-chair of the International Ethics Committee of the American Bar Association (ABA) Section of International Law. Called the “Platinum Client Champion,” Sergio R. Karas is listed in the “Who is Who in Corporate Immigration Law.” Not only this, He is the famous face of National and International journals and also works as an instructor at Sheridan College, Toronto.
  3. Tamara Mosher-Kuczer- Specialized in immigration and citizenship law Tamara Mosher-Kuczer has been associated with Capelle Kane for the past nine years. Certified by the Law Society of Ontario, Tamara Mosher-Kuczer works on providing legal advice, assisting small businesses and multinationals, helping clients on the issues related to study permits, temporary residence, work permits, permanent residence, hire foreign workers, etc. Tamara can fluently speak the French language and is nominated as the best immigration lawyer in Canada. There is a long list of achievements that makes Tamara Mosher-Kuczer one of the best immigration lawyers in Canada. She has been a member of the Canadian Bar Association, Ontario Bar Association, and County of Carleton Law Association. 
  4. Catherine A. Sas Q.C.- One of the leading immigration lawyers of Canada as per Lexpert and Who’s Who Legal, Catherine A. Sas Q.C, holds more than 20 years of experience as a Canadian Bar Association (CBA) member. Like the few immigration lawyers, Catherine is allowed to serve her clients from America belonging to the big industries like television and film. She is registered as a Foreign Legal Consultant with the State Bar of California, which allows or gives permits to attend to her clients in the USA. Not only this, Catherine is known for attending education seminars, speaking on Immigration related issues before the parliamentary committees and in international conferences, and has been the past chair B.C. Immigration Law Section and the National Immigration Law Section. No doubt, she is one of the best immigration lawyers you will find in Canada. 
  5. Matthew Jeffery- Matthew Jeffery has been a Toronto-based immigration lawyer in this business since the year 2002, helping and making it easier for foreign clients to let their dream come true of living in Canada. Irrespective of the place you belong to and where you live, you can seek help from this man on the matters related to obtaining citizenship, visiting Canada, establishing your business in Canada, settling in Canada, etc. Certified by the Law Society of Ontario, this man counts among the top-ranking Immigration lawyers in Canada. Dedicated to his work Matthew provides judicial reviews before the Federal Court of Canada. He has expertise in hailing works like- filing applications for permanent residentship, citizenship application, works permit, visa work (student/ visitor), renewal of permanent residence, etc.
  6. Elsa Agostinho-  Specialized in Canadian Immigration Elsa is known for her expertise and professionalism. She holds an experience of twenty-five years of in global Immigration. She advises multinational companies on the matters related to Immigration, helps clients to settle in Canada both temporarily and permanently, and is expertise in providing visas related to work permits and international visas, permanent citizenship, permanent residentship, conducts and takes part in internal audits, etc. Holding her LLB degree from the “University of Montreal” and called to the Barreau du Québec (one of the regulatory bodies for the practice of advocates in Canada), Elsa is one of the top ranked immigration advocates in Canada and has been awarded by Best Lawyers from the year 2018 to 2022. 
  7. Mario D. Bellissimo – Specialized in immigration law and refugees protection Mario D. Bellissimo holds a degree from Osgoode Hall Law School. Being an immigration lawyer by profession, he runs a law firm known as Bellissimo Law GrP.Cp PC. During his career, he has worked in the supreme court of Canada and has diversified work experience – he has been the past chair of Canadian Bar Association National Immigration Law Section, is a member of Federal Court Rules Committee, actively participates in committees like Refugee Board, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, the Canada Border Services Agency, Employment and Social Development Canada, etc. In his company, he and his teammates deal with the issues related to Canadian citizenship and refugee matters and solve Immigration-related problems, setting a 2014a target of attending a hundred files in a year. 
  8. Stephanie Lipstein-  being one of the best Canadian immigration advocates, Stephanie looks into the immigration-related issues of both the USA and Canada. She is one of the highly skilled, qualified, and experienced lawyers you will find as she does have not only knowledge of Canadian immigration laws but also the knowledge of the USA immigration lawyer. The best thing about Stephanie is that she is not limited to one approach in order to solve the problems; rather she applies multiple and innovative approaches to solve the issue. She started working in 2006. Industries like oil and gas, aerospace, arts, pharmaceutical etc. are some of the areas of her interest. Being a good lawyer, she focuses on accommodating the needs of the business. She also focuses on society development and is also linked with many organizations working for children and education welfare.
  9. Mendel Green C.S., CS- Member of Ontario Bar​, Mendel Green QC, CS is the founding partner of Green and Spiegel. Called the “dream of immigration” by Canada’s immigration Bar, Mendel is one of the best immigration lawyers in Canada and is selected by The Best Lawyers in Canada editions for his outstanding work. According to the EXPERT Legal Directory, he is the leading Toronto immigration practitioner. Not only this, according to Who’s Who Legal of Corporate Immigration, Mendel is named as leading Canadian Corporate Immigration Attorney. Having expertise in all Immigration related issues, he is one of the best immigration lawyers in Canada. For his excellent contribution, he has won the “man of the year” award by Chabad Lubavitch of Southern Ontario, “Recipient of the Humanitarian Award” of the Beth Sholom Brotherhood, etc. 
  10. Ravi Jain- An immigratory advocate by profession, Ravi Jain is a senior lawyer at Green Spiegel LLP., Toronto. One of the best things about Ravi Jain is that he is a member of the Bar Council in both Canada and the USA. Certified by the Law Society of Ontario, he holds a working experience of more than 21 years. As a subject matter expert of immigration law, He addressed committees in Canada’s House of Commons and Canadian Senate. For his dedicated service and contribution, he received the Diamond Jubilee Medal by the Queen itself. Four top-ranking services selected Ravi Jain as the leading immigration lawyer- Who’s Who Legal as Thought Leader, Lawyer of the year by “Best Lawyer in Canada “, recognized by Canadian Lexpert Dictionary, and recognised by Chambers and Partners. No doubt why he is one of the best lawyers not only in Canada but in the world. 

Final Words

When in Canada or willing to move to Canada, you will need proper advice regarding the formalities and issues related to Immigration, and there is nothing better than an immigration lawyer regarding this matter. The above mentioned are the top advocates in Canada whom you can approach for help.

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