Zendaya and Holland: Everything We Know About Their Rumored Relationship

Star couple love story has a huge fan base across the world. Whatever they do become headlines of many news channels and magazines the next day. The c

Star couple love story has a huge fan base across the world. Whatever they do become headlines of many news channels and magazines the next day. The cast of spider-man: No Way Home an American superhero film released in the year 2021 came to headlines when spotted kissing in a car. Speculation was made that the cast is dating each other and it seems that the hot couple is in a very serious relationship. The rumored couple has been spotted manner times by the paparazzi holding each other’s hand. The speculation came to reality when Tom Holland himself admitted their dreamy relationship to the GQ. However the latter choose not to speak much about their relationship maintaining privacy. It seems it’s the beginning of another fairy tale love story in Tinsel Town. According to the sources the couple has been dating for more than a year now and is truly and madly in love with each other. 

In this article, I will tell you more about what’s cooking between them. So! Let’s have a look- 

The story of this star couple is more like a fairy tale and it seems the couple is looking forward to taking their relationship a step forward. They started as friends and stayed the same for quite a time till things turned romantic. This adorable story began with their casting in the recent Spiderman series back in the year 2016. From that time both of them start appearing on each other Instagram handles. It was July 7th of 2016, when tom first addressed Zendaya as her friend in his interview. The actor was seen praising Zendaya a lot. He also addressed her as his best friend and talks about how lucky he is to have her as a friend. It was July 10, 2016, when Tom Holland first posted a post on his Instagram with Zendaya and friends.

On 9th November 2016, the Spiderman- No Way Home actress shared a cover photo by “The Hollywood Reporter” with the actor along with a heart-melting caption stating that between all the chaos this is the best thing that happened today. 

July 13th, 2017, was the first time when the rumors about the couple dating each other go on air when the duo went on a private vacation with each other. It was speculated that both of them are looking at each other since the time they start shooting for Spiderman. However, there was no confirmation made by the couple claiming to have a friendly relationship between them as they enjoy each other’s company. Even Zendaya denied all the rumors and put them to a full stop through her Twitter handle. The actress was seen claiming to be in a friend zone with the actor in her interview conducted on 8th August 2017. News leave fans wondering when “Page Six” claims that the actor went to meet Zendaya’s parents and seems to please them. 

It was May 8th, 2018, when the Spiderman actor put all his fans wondering by posting his “so-called best friend” met gala look on his Instagram handle. It seems that the actor was pleased with Zendaya’s met gala look that he couldn’t stop himself from praising her. The caption “killing it Mate” tells much more about the actor’s feelings than what he generally claims. Not only this, the actor randomly tagged her in a post which put all the speculation on fire. Although when the actress was asked by the fans said that the tag was not intentional and addressed it as stupidity. However, in between all this chaos, news splashed that the actor has a secret man in her life. On August 30, 2019: It was claimed that the actress is dating her co-star Jacob Elordi.

The turning point came when on February 2020 the news of tom’s dating Nadia Parks stunned people. According to the reports, tom was dating her and had moved with her. The report got fired, when he posted a photo with his rumored girlfriend over his Instagram handle. It was said that during the lockdown the couple moved together to spend some quality time with each other. Also, according to their close friends, the two are so much in love and dating each other as confirmed by the actor himself.

But it seems, destiny was not in the favor and has some other plans. It was September 2020, when things went wrong between Zendaya and Elordi. The news of separation went viral when his rumored boyfriend was spotted on a dinner date with his former girlfriend Kaia Gerber.  

9 months after their separation, on 30th June 2021, the actress was spotted with Tom on a dinner date. It was believed that the old best friends are back together. But, just the other day the duo was spotted spending quality time together, confirming the news of them to be in a relationship. The photos published by “Page Six” went viral on social media as the couple was spotted kissing in a car. 

In an interview conducted on July 9th, 2021, Zendaya talks about her ongoing project with Tom. She said that it is almost 5 years of them working together and shooting for Spider-Man. She added that it feels so special to grow together as actors. It was a very small age (19 years) when both of them signed for Spider-Man: No Way Home. When asked by “Entertainment Tonight” about the bond with her co-actor, the actress said that they share a very good and special bond and she is eagerly waiting for the movie to be released. She further added that she is excited to see the audience and paparazzi’s reactions and she is expecting a gala time. 

On July 23, 2021: “Us Weekly” claimed that everything is going well between Tom and Zendaya as they both complement each other pretty well. They further informed that starting as a friend, the couple knows how to make each other’s happy and they both guide each other to excel in their career. It was August 2021, when the couple appeared attending a wedding together. The couple was looking quite happy with each other. 

It was 1st September (Zendaya’s birthday) when Tom posted a birthday wish for her calling her “My MJ” which made their fans goes crazy. It was a very nice gesture by him. In the interview with “In Style Magazine” Zendaya was spotted praising Tom. She said that Tom loves his character and has worked very hard for it and is a perfectionist.

In an interview with “Buzz feed Celeb”, Zendaya’s Best friend and co-star Timothee Chalamet said that Tom is her celebrity crush of Zendaya. This took us back to the time when Tom called Zendaya her biggest celebrity crush in the year 2017. It seems that the duo never misses any chance to complement each other and are each other’s favorite. It seems that the couple never misses the chance to celebrate each other’s victory. Tom took his social media handle and posted a story, congratulating the actress on receiving CFDA Fashion Icon Award. 

It was November 17, 2021, when they broke their silence over the viral kissing photos. In an interview with GQ Tom and Zendaya said that it was a violation of their privacy. Paps should think that it’s between two people who love each other and they should respect privacy. They added that when you are in love you have to respect and maintain each other’s privacy. Later on, the couple was seen promoting spider-man: No Way Home together.  

Zendaya ended the year by posting cute pictures of her and Tom, with a caption stating “my Spider-Man, I am so proud of you”. 

At the beginning of 2022, on Feb 4, the news splashed of a couple buying a house together. As per the “Mirrors” report, the couple is deeply in love with each other and has decided to buy a house in tom’s birthplace- London. However, the couple chooses to be silent on this news. However later on 19th Feb, Tom clarified that they did not bring any house in London. 

Despite having a busy schedule, the couple never misses the chance of spending time together and surprising each other. It was the 24th of Feb when Tom took a flight to Italy and surprises the love of his life- Zendaya who was there for a campaign. Later they both went on a romantic date in an Italian restaurant. The couple was frequently seen spending time together whether it was a dinner date, coffee date, or shopping together. 

It was Tom’s birthday on June 1st when Zendaya posted a cute blank and white photo of them, with a beautiful caption stating “happy birthday to the one who makes me the happiest”. Fans across the world went crazy and praise this gesture a lot. 

It was August 27, when Tom travels to Budapest to meet his girlfriend. The couple spends some cute moments with each other as per the photos released by “Daily Mail”. The couple went on a scooter-riding date, Rome on the streets of Budapest exploring each corner. As the actress step into her 26, she celebrated her birthday with her close friends, family, and the love of her life- Tom Holland. 

On October 8, 2022, the couple was spotted holding each other’s hands as they enjoy their romantic museum date. Later on, in November, the rumors about the couple getting engaged went viral which later comes to a full stop when clarified by Zendaya’s mother. 

it has been quite a long time since both of them are together and in the past few years, the love between them has only become stronger. Their fans love the chemistry that the duo shares and are early waiting for them to announce their engagement. Hoping for the best.