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We at Getnews360.com have a dedicated section on fitness/yoga write for us. We would want our guest post writers to write simple articles, sticking to the point and very relevant to the readers. Once we accept your submitted article/blog for the review, we work closely with you for its enhancement and then get the same published. You can also consult us to select a suitable title for your post on fitness/yoga & meditation.

The article can be on any of the following topics:

  • Different aspects of pranayama, yoga and meditation
  • Wellness and health tips through yoga
  • Benefits that yoga and other workouts provide
  • Stories on personal yoga experience
  • Research articles related to fitness and yoga
  • Inspirational real-life stories on wellness, health, nutrition, fitness and different guest posts

Fitness Editorial guidelines that you require to follow 

  • The articles must necessarily contain more than 700+ words. If you write more words, there are better chances of these being considered for publishing.
  • The language of the write-up should always be in English. This should be relevant and simple so that the readers can easily understand. This should be customized for a keyword or for a set of keywords that the web users search for. For this purpose, our editorial team would help you.
  • You should use passive voice in lesser than 10% of sentences in the content.
  • You should not start three consecutive sentences with the same word.
  • No paragraph should exceed 150 words. In the same way, no sub-section of the content should exceed 300 words.
  • The editorial team at our end may make some minor changes or edits if this is required before publishing.
  • You may also include a relevant image along with the article/blog that you have submitted.

Other guidelines to follow 

  • Once the fitness article is published, we also share your article with our email lists, social media and other media partners. You can also share the published article link on your social media platforms.
  • The article should necessarily be original & you should always have undisputed ownership. We do not accept any content that is already published. However, once the article is published on our platform, you can share the link of the same elsewhere for promoting the same.

Following the above guidelines would maximize the chances of your write-up getting published on our high-traffic platform that would help you increase your recognition as a guest blogger.

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