Why Offer Fire Extinguisher Training To Employees?

Fire extinguishers are installed in every workplace and public building by law. Any infrastructure without fire extinguishers is legally summoned and

Fire extinguishers are installed in every workplace and public building by law. Any infrastructure without fire extinguishers is legally summoned and fined for not caring for the overall safety of the employees and the property. Some workplaces may even inform the employees at the time of orientation itself that they can use fire extinguishers in case of fire.

However, OSHA does not allow anyone to use fire extinguishers unless they undergo proper training. Hence, it is important to provide fire extinguisher training to employees at the workplace. In this post, we will discuss why employers offer fire extinguisher training to their employees.

OSHA Requirement

Occupational Safety and Health Act states that if a workplace has provided portable fire extinguishers to its employees for use in case of fire, the employer is also responsible for providing the education program to familiarize the employees with the working of fire extinguishers.

OSHA requirements are based on your emergency evacuation policy. If you have informed the employees to evacuate the place in case of fire or any emergency, you do not need to provide any training. But if it is mentioned in the policy, some employees can use the extinguisher to doze off the fire. Then, you must provide hands-on practice to the employees.

In addition, if your emergency plan does not include a complete evacuation plan, you can provide this training to all the employees interested in and comfortable using a fire extinguisher as in events of the fire. The training level may vary based on your emergency action plan. If you have any doubts regarding the same, you may consult the OSHA department and determine which type of training you would need to give to your employees.

Ensure the Correct Use of Extinguishers

Providing training will also ensure that the employees are accurately using the extinguishers. In addition, they will be trained on which extinguisher to use under which circumstances. Though fire extinguishers are available in all the buildings, many people have never had the chance to use it or even hold it.

In the best interest of your employees, it is your responsibility to provide them with proper fire extinguisher training. It will help you go a long way in ensuring your employees’ safety and your property. To find the best training for your workplace, you can search for fire extinguisher training workplace on the internet, and you will get your hands on companies that provide workplace-specific fire extinguisher training.

Protect and Save the Employee’s Life 

When your employees are trained to use a fire extinguisher in emergencies, they are able to control fire hazards as a part of the emergency action plan. Fire extinguisher training includes the use and information of fire extinguishers and educates the employees on how to respond appropriately in times of emergency.

Additionally, the training will help the employees save the workplace and their colleagues and be of help when they are stuck in such situations outside the workplace. The hands-on knowledge and experience in using fire extinguishers also save people from getting injured. Furthermore, the employees will know the ways to control the panicking masses and reduce the damage.

Reduce the Loss of Property 

When the employees have enough knowledge about fire extinguishers and their use, it will directly reduce the damage to your property. When the damage to your property is less, it means that you will have to spend less time and money on repairing the property.

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Final Words

Fire extinguisher training for the workplace is necessary for people who do not have a set evacuation plan as a part of their emergency action plan. Installing fire extinguishers in your property is demanded by law; however, failure to do so may lead to fines and punishment.

A fire extinguisher training ensures a more responsive team at the time of fire hazards and even during other emergencies. The hand-on-training is helpful for employees as they will know the exact way to use the portable extinguishers. Also, professional training will let them ask questions from the trainers. A general reading material might not clear all the doubts, but an interactive training session once a year will help in reducing injuries and damage to property.