Why English Speaking Course Curriculum is different for different age groups

Why English speaking course curriculum is different for different age groups

These are the reasons why adults and children should be taught differently while learning English: –


Andragogy is the teaching methodology for adults while pedagogy is the teaching methodology for children and they are both very different. The way adults learn the way children learn is very different and there have to be different approaches for teach adults and children both. What will work for children might not work for adults and what works for adults might not work for children and thus it is important to be aware of the teaching pedagogies so that the Trainer is able to effectively train both adults and children and he is able to make them both more successful in English speaking by using different techniques and approaches which differ for both.

It is very important that the trainer of the English Speaking Course Online has the sound knowledge of these approaches as only then can he be successful in teaching all age of students. Without this training the trainer will be unable to make a success of his endeavor of teaching spoken English to adults and children


It is a fact that adults learn by doing and children learn by seeing and thus it is very important to give assignments and exercises to adults as that is the best way they will learn and thus this way the efficacy of the trainings will also be improved. Thus adults will learn by practicing and applying and thus they will enjoy the activities and revel in them and thus they will also have fun while learning and that will be an added advantage as then they will learn quick and easy.

It is also very important to make learning fun and interactive for adults as they understand better by doing and thus by practicing they become perfect.

The more they practice and do the better it is for adults and thus they will happily learn and enjoy while doing the same.

It is very important to examine the psychology of the student before teaching him or her as that way you will be able to judge better how to make him learn and what will work for him. Thus while teaching adults you need to concentrate on exercises and also make the teaching fun by providing exercises and assignments for them.


Children on the other hand learn by seeing and thus the way they are taught is very different. They should be made to see videos of people speaking and also learning should be made a fun and a play for them and thus they will learn quick and easy.

You should speak out the words and sentences and the children should repeat them after you and this way they will be able to learn better as they learn by aping.

Whatever a child sees he will copy and thus it is important that the child is exposed to English speakers at home, in school and while playing. His surroundings will teach the child when he is small and young and thus when he gets good and healthy surroundings then he will learn fast and quick.

Various concepts of child psychology should also be considered while teaching English to children as their way of learning is very different from children and thus they will learn only when they see it happening in front of their eyes.

Thus as we can see both adults and children learn differently and also they should be taught differently as adults learn by doing and children learn by seeing and this way both can be taught well and easy with English Speaking Course Online.

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