What is the Strategy for People to Avoid Getting Cancer?


We all are more concerned about our health. We all try to be fit mentally and physically. Still, we get into some sort of health problems. It’s mainly because of polluted environment and because of our eating habits. Some People follow a strict diet and some just go with the flow of life. When people control their food habits and follow diet it will surely make a positive impact on your life. Cancer is one of the dangerous decreases which mainly results in death. But now cancer can be preventable and avoidable if we control our lifestyle and eating habits. Now a day’s people just love to eat fast and spicy food. It’s tasty. But it causes major health problems. Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells anywhere in a body. These cells are termed tumour cells or cancer cells. It’s a dangerous decease. If one affected by cancer in olden days there were no particular treatment but in the modern technological day there is treatment and one can diagnose this type of decease. There are different types of cancer, breast cancer, blood cancer, lung cancer, throat cancer etc. Its symptoms are a lump, abnormal bleeding, sudden weight loss etc. To overcome this type of decease one needs mental strength. It’s a long-term process so one should be strong mentally and physically. Radiation therapy is mainly used then chemotherapy. Side effects of this treatment are harder to imagine. It breaks one person’s mental strength. So no one wants to go through such tragic life. So we should better to avoid such tragic life. For that, we have to sacrifice and have to some adjustment in life. We can prevent such death like a decrease.

Healthy Diet

We have to be healthy in our eating. We should select food items according to its positive effect on our body. It doesn’t mean that it completely prevents cancer but we can reduce its risk. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. A healthy diet always leads to a healthy and fit life. It not only helps to keep our body healthy but also helps to keep mentally fit. Always choose less calorie food items. Try to be a vegetarian. Avoid fast food and spicy food. We are not saying to ban it completely but you can reduce eating it. Food is the main part of our life. It should pass positive impact on our health and life. So never take a risk on it.

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Stop Smoking

Smoking is the main reason for various types of cancer. Lung cancer, mouth cancer, throat cancer, effects larynx etc. So if you are a smoker its better avoid it. Some people are chain smokers and may not be able to ban it completely but you can just reduce the use of it. It will make a huge difference in your health and life. Never play with your life. Smoking is like an addiction once you start it will make you a slave.

Stop using Tobacco

Tobacco is another reason for cancer. It’s also like smoking. It also results in different kinds of cancer. If you decide to stop using it then it will be the best decision in your life and it’s for your life. Now a day there is a different kind of strategies and other ways to stop smoking and tobacco using you can go through it. You can quit smoking and use of tobacco instead of quitting life.

Indulge in a Physical Activity

Physical activities help you to control your body weight and increase stamina. It helps you to lower the risk of breast cancer. When you participate in physical activities you will definitely gain some sort of benefits. You should just spend 30minutes in physical activities’ from your daily routine. It will really help you to maintain a good and balanced body weight.

Protect Yourself from Sun

As we are very busy in our working life. We don’t give much importance to sunburn. But it’s the reason for skin cancer. From 10 am to 3 pm it’s the hardest sunlight which will affect our body and skin. Whenever you are outside try to stay in the shadow, use sunglasses and hat while you are going outing, you can use sunscreen and reapply it. Try to cover your face and other parts of your body with cloth.

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Medical Check up

It’s better to have monthly or yearly medical checkups. Whenever you feel odd or different about your body consult a doctor. May be a family doctor, with a family doctor, you can share everything so always be in touch with doctors. If you discover cancer in the early stage it will really help you to go with the treatment and 80%it will be a successful one. So never afraid to consult a doctor and do checkups.

Avoid scanning if it’s not needed

Scanning is the best way to diagnosis any type of disease.But it produces more radiation than x-rays if it is overused it will be the reason for cancer. It increases the risk of cancer. So always avoid unnecessary scans. So if you go through scanning more than two-three times unnecessarily it will affect your body. So always ask your doctor to substitute CT scanning with another test like ultrasound and MRI. So be careful in your health checking session too.

Avoid Alcohol

Now a day’s people are addicted to alcohol.hey just want a simple reason to have a party. It makes you feel relaxed and enjoy the moment it severally damages our lungs and kidney and other parts of our body which will result in cancer. So try to reduce the use of alcohol.It will help you to bring happiness in your life and smile on your beloved ones.

Understand your Body

It means that if your body is changing or another sort of pain is felt in your body then you have to consult a doctor. Mainly women often ignore their pain and changes in their body. So, if you feel a strange pain and swelling in your body you have to meet a doctor, never be afraid to face the truth. When you avoid the symptoms it will r turn the disease deadly.

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These are some preventive measure through which you can reduce the risk of cancer. So it depends on your lifestyle and food habits. You have to be careful and alert about it. Nothing is impossible. Live healthily and stays healthy.

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