Virender Sehwag Hosts Comedy Talk Show – Viru Ke Funde

The hitter of Indian cricket team Virendra Sehwag recently made his debut in the entertainment world with his web series Viru Ke Funde. The cricketer well-known for his aggressive batting and humorous tweets is set to entertain people with his life stories and help his fans with guru mantras throughout the 15 episode series.

Viru ke funde is a treat to cricket lovers and Viru’s fans as the show is a sneak peek into his life. The series aired on and Viu app showcased Sehwag unveiling his life journey and never-heard-before secrets. The format does not just end there. Viru takes it upon him to solve his friends’ problems as the viewers see him giving fun advice to his friends ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ style.

The famous cricketer has some more fun tricks in his sleeve. Ask away any questions and Viru will have the answer for you. Viru has answers for the questions no one could answer before. You may find answers queries such as whether you want to know how to win an argument with your wife, how to duck your mother-in-law’s taunts or how to lose weight.

The series has 15 episodes with each episode running for two minutes. As the man of few balls and more runs, you can expect nothing more from Virender Sehwag talk show. Sehwag is excited for this new innings as much as his fans. According to him, life is all about keeping it simple. See the ball hit the ball is his mantra. Sehwag hit this opportunity with Viru ke Funde comedy talk show and shared what he learned in cricket and life. What is more fun, when he is sharing his secrets with his real-life friends accompanying him on the show!

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Virender Sehwag talk show is really fun, and fans were as much thrilled as when watching Viru bat on the field. The show hit nothing less than a sixer as Viru shows you how to bat on every googly life throws at you. Viru ke funde will ensure that your personal life is sailing smooth.

Watch Virender Sehwag batting on the digital entertainment field and learn how to tackle ever-losing life battles with Viru ke funde. Watch the comedy talk show online on or stream on Viu app. Viru ke funde download can be done instantly and you may enjoy the episodes anytime anywhere.

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