What are the different kinds of self-storage spaces you need to consider?

Have you picked up a new hobby recently? Is it something like refurbishing old cars? Does your new hobby require extensive equipment and substantial s

Have you picked up a new hobby recently? Is it something like refurbishing old cars? Does your new hobby require extensive equipment and substantial storage space?

Choosing the right storage space can provide you with answers to all your problems. However, when you drive by those spic-n-span storage units standing by the highway, almost all of them look identical. They look like squat brick structures with sturdy shutters that can bear the load of every tornado and earthquake. While the last part is partially right, the rest is not. Just like everything else in Colorado, there are uncountable variants of storage units for rent.

All the self-storage units you have seen till now can vary from one another in their climate control mechanisms, level of security and surveillance, and storage space. Therefore, picking the right kind of self-storage unit demands extensive research and comparison –

Indoor and outdoor storage units

Outdoor storage units can confuse the first-timers. Many believe that outdoor units are less secure, and they lack locking mechanisms. That’s completely untrue. Outdoor self-storage spaces are not inside a building, and you can pull up right up to the door of the unit in your U-Haul or truck. They are easy to access and ergonomic. However, rain, snow, and sleet can make accessing the storage unit challenging.

Indoor units are inside large buildings. Each storage space has individual doors and locks. According to users, finding an indoor storage unit is much easier than locating an outdoor unit in the open. The roof always provides protection during bad weather. Indoor storage spaces in Colorado ensure that your belongings will never gather sand and dust.

Climate controlled and regular units

Quite a number of indoor self-storage units come with climate control. If you are looking at outdoor storage space, make sure that the property provides climate control for the storage areas. If you have antique or vintage metal pieces including chandeliers, wall decors, and other furnishings, climate control can prevent premature rusting and degradation of the material. Most importantly, the right temperature conditions and lack of high humidity restricts the growth of mold and other critters inside the storage. Not every indoor storage unit you come across in Colorado has heating and AC. So, speak to the owners and double check the facilities before you agree on the terms of rental.

Small, medium, large and extra-large storage spaces

Small 5 feet x 5 feet storage spaces are perfect if you want to store a few knickknacks or the belongings of a home office. Storage spaces larger than that are ideal for a myriad of household items and even automobiles. You should check out all the available options at the rental storage space. The typical dimensions of the storage units include 5×5, 5×10, 10×10, 10×15 and 10×20. Some of the more popular storage choices in Colorado do offer storage spaces as large as 10×25 and 10×30. These are 250 square feet and 300 square feet spaces that can store a large automobile, a dresser, drawers, a bed, work tables, small appliances, and couches. It is ideal for storing the belongings of a 5 to 7 bedroom home comfortably. Check the rates of rentals, compare the prices thoroughly, and then decide which storage space in Colorado you want to rent.

Mobile self-storage

It is an option for people, who don’t want to live too far away from their belongings while their home undergoes extensive renovation. Choosing a mobile self-storage gives the convenience of accessing a portable container directly in one’s lawn or yard. However, it is only possible for those homeowners, who have space either in their garden, lawn, or yard. If you live in the city, you might not find mobile self-storage to be a smart idea.

Those who have the space for mobile storage units, find it very convenient for both long-term and short-term storage. Apart from storing your furnishing, you can also store old clothes, furniture, upholstery, tools, and your children’s bikes, that no one uses any longer. You can hold a yard sale from your container. People are always in need of mobile storage units. Once your home renovation is complete and you decide to move the stuff back, you can sell your storage container off on CraigsList or eBay.

Specialized storage units

Several other specialized storage units exist as well. People who own RVs and boats often face secure storage problems, when they are not out on the road or sailing. Renting an ample space for a comfortable price can help them store their vehicles for as long as they need between their trips. In Colorado, you might find it a bit difficult to locate private RV storage spaces that offer complete protection from the elements. RV parking lots are simply not the same since they leave your precious vehicle open to wind, rain, snow, and dirt.

Similarly, you might want to look at a dedicated truck and car storage options. However, most outdoor storage units in Colorado also allow the renters to keep their automobiles inside the space as long as they fit. If you want to keep your car and other personal belongings for an extended period at outdoor storage space, check that the interiors are at least 10×20 or 10×30.

When scoping new rental options for self-storage, don’t forget to window shop. Talk to the representatives and find out if they have special rental offers for long-term contracts. Do not forget to ask about overheads and penalties and defaulted payments before signing on the dotted line. Checking a storage unit’s review on Yellow Pages or Google My Business can give you a good idea about what to expect.

Never rent a unit without checking it in person. Once you take a look at the space, you will know what facilities are there and how safe your belongings will be. Most importantly, don’t forget to check a few locations and compare their services before accepting an offer.