Tips to Purchase Motorcycle OEM Replacement Parts like Tires

Motorcycle OEM Replacement

Riding motorbikes is one of an adrenaline pumping exercise. But, unlike car, bikes are one-track vehicle and thus, often they are tagged as dangerous rides by the wise men of the world. But, for those who love mounting their bikes and going long distance, nothing really matters. However, in order to make your bike run smooth all its life and to add longevity to your ride, you should get new motorcycle oem replacement parts as and when they wear out. Or else, you may meet with undeserved fate. Sometimes the fault lies in the running parts of the bike such as tires.

Yes, it is very important that your bike tires are running good as they are the only part which is in contact with the road. Here are some important tips to consider when going for a replacement cheap motorcycle tires:

Whether it is two-wheeler or four-wheeler, a lot of drivers get confused by the markings on the sidewall of the tire. Though the tires of motorcycle and car differ depending on the usage and build, but the alphanumeric coding on both is standard.

Before purchasing a tire, make sure you know the tire code and the details of its size, speed rating, build type, load index, aspect ratio and more. Everything should be matched with the replacement tire so that it eventually fits your bike like the previous one.

Different tread designs

A lot of times, you see different tread patterns on the tires. Well, they define the road grip level of the tire. Several people believe that deeper grooves and larger treads mean enhanced grip levels and better stability on road. And, a number of people find it appealing. And they get these fit without knowing their riding criteria.

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Well, going for a tire with big tread blocks and larger grooves will give you great traction in the rain as it will pump away all the water and debris between the tire, but on a dry road, the large grooves will lower contact patch of the tire with the terrain, leading to lower grip levels.

What type of wide tires can fit your motorcycle or not?

Should you go for wide tires rather than a functional one? Well, a tire grows in all direction when it meets high temperatures and centrifugal force. Hence, it requires clearance as the bike moves on the terrain. Going for a wider tire than the functional tire can affect the vital components of your bike like chain-set, swing arm etc.

Apart from tires, you also need to focus on one bike component which is highly important for your safety. You have different colors, styles, varieties and designs of motorcycle helmets on sale available in the market. As jackets are for body protection, helmet is for the safety of your head. Thus, grabbing a deal from motorcycle helmets on saleis a must. However, you should know the kind of helmet you are looking for, depending on your preference and purpose of ride.

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