Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is known to provide an immediate boost to the home decor aesthetics. With its rich looks and premium build, many homeowners are increasingly going for hardwood flooring from a reliable installation expert like Flooring Discount Center. The flooring not only endures foot traffic but also gives convenience of installation as they can be laid out directly on concrete slabs. But its life strongly depends on the level of care homeowners provide. Keeping it cleaning and using suitable floor cleaner materials are known to provide a great life to the hardwood flooring. 

Here are some ways in which you can improve the life of your Orange County Hardwood Flooring.

Regular Cleaning

Regular vacuuming ensures that dust particles don’t get trapped and accumulate in the corners or along the edges. This promotes a better life for the hardwood flooring. The better care you take for the floor, the longer will it sustain in your home. Even when cleaning daily, you can simply wipe off the surface with a wet cloth and then dry it with a dry cloth. Tiny particles like dust particles can have an abrasive effect (just like sandpaper when it scratches a surface). Hence daily vacuuming and cleaning is a must.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Many people try to clean and wax the floor with harsh chemicals like products with urethane finish. This will strip off the elegance of the hardwood floors. Hence it is recommended to limit to soap-based cleaning liquids that is safe for daily use. Check with a reliable hardwood flooring company like Flooring Discount Center for the best materials and products to be used. They will guide you on the optimal level of care needed for your hardwood floor.

Deeper Cleaning

Check with a reliable hardwood flooring installer like Flooring Discount Center to know which is a good approach for deeper cleaning of the hardwood. Residue-free formulas specially made for hardwood floor cleaning are apt cleaning materials in case you are looking for deeper level of cleaning. 

Daily Care Routines

The amount of care you take for your hardwood flooring directly correlates to the longevity of your investment into the hardwood flooring. Minimizing exposure to direct sunrays for the long time can avoid permanent damage. It is recommended to move rugs and carpets so that prolonged presence in one place doesn’t fade out a particular area of the floor. 

Protect the Surface

Unnecessary moving of objects can cause scratches on the floor surface. It is suggested to cover furniture and table legs with flannel protectors. This will prevent the occurrence of permanent scratches and arks that can diminish the allure of the hardwood flooring 

Limit the Use of Wax

The use of wax with polyurethane will diminish the endurance of the floors. To clean the floors, it is suggested to limit the use of wax. You need to prevent the use of ammonia cleaners and oil soaps on the wood floors. Their chemical properties make the floor surface dull and leave permanent faded marks that can totally ruin the looks of the floor. 

Limit the Use of Shoes

Walking barefoot at home is common. The best part is that this practice also elevates the life of the flooring. Adopt a no-shoes policy at home to protect scrapes, scratches, and marks. Common culprits like pointed heels and dirty kids’ shoes need to be kept off the surface to improve its life. You can put doormats outside the door to ensure that the dirt and dust from outside doesn’t impact the hardwood floor surface. 

To Sign Off

Hardwood flooring can deliver great benefits only when they are looked after. With regular cleaning and care, you can be assured of long term performance of the hardwood floor. Make sure to get the flooring installed only by an expert in  Hardwood Floor Orange County CA area like Flooring Discount Center. 

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