TikTok: Bringing out the creativity in everyone

Earlier this year, TikTok, the world’s leading short video platform, brought together 500 content creators and influencers from across the country a

Earlier this year, TikTok, the world’s leading short video platform, brought together 500 content creators and influencers from across the country at its Creator’s Lab. The idea behind the event was to highlight TikTok’s commitment to contribute to India’s creative economy through meaningful content.

Since the start of the year, TikTok has witnessed a rise in its community, with people from across the country, particularly from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Delhi coming on board to create unique and engaging content. With its growing popularity amongst users from India’s smaller towns, TikTok’s community welcomes scores of new creators using the platform to showcase their creativity and talent on a global platform.

One of the biggest features of TikTok is its easy-to-use interface and localised approach to content. This, clubbed with relatable filters and appropriate soundtracks, themes, and sound effects, enables the user to create the perfect video. Through unique content, many people have had the chance of becoming popular in their own right. By connecting and empowering digital Indians through content, TikTok looks forward to making a positive contribution to India’s thriving creative economy.

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Thanks to TikTok, many people have become internet sensations. One such person is Kabraata, a lemon soda seller in Kiratpur Sahib District in Roper, Punjab. Kabraata has been selling lemon soda for the past five years. Quenching people’s thirst one glass at a time, Kabraata’s fame on TikTok is due to the unique way in which he serves his customers. His popularity has also resulted in the moniker Sodaboy.

“Ikk baar piyoge te baar baar mangoge” (If you have my lemonade one time, then you will keep coming back for more) is what he claims while he makes his lemon soda. His unique style has even created a hashtag, #Gaspuri, which also happens to be a term that Kabraata uses to describe his nimbu soda. His popularity has risen and today in a short time #gaspuri has 671.9 million views on TikTok!

Earlier this year, in the Indian state of Kerala, 85-year-old Mary Joseph Mampilly won the 1MVinesMalayalam audition of the 6th 1 Million Audition. The TikTok entries, submitted by her grandson, Jinson won the hearts of many and became so popular that they helped her kick-start her acting career. The octogenarian will now feature in two highly anticipated Malayali movies of which one features popular Malayali actor Jayaram!

With more people from India joining TikTok, the company looks to achieve its mission of building a creative and an inclusive community comprising users who spread joy and make people smile. This has also enabled TikTok to be the most download mobile phone app, both on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

TikTok also reaffirmed its commitment to India’s culture of creativity by offering a sneak peek into its latest campaign, #MyTikTokStory. The campaign encouraged Indians to create 15-second videos that reflect their personal passions and identity – be it through do-it-yourself (DIY), cooking, sports, dancing, singing, pottery or any other talents.

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