Why does Coveo play an instrumental role for every Sitecore website?

Coveo has brought a unified sitewide search at the fingertip of every Sitecore user. Whether you have a business service site, financial or healthcare

Coveo has brought a unified sitewide search at the fingertip of every Sitecore user. Whether you have a business service site, financial or healthcare website, high tech platform or media, manufacturing, and telecommunications website, you can make site search easy and streamlined with Coveo. We have come across several search and indexing software applications before this, but none have managed to live up to the standards Coveo has set.

What is Coveo for Sitecore users?

It is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven platform that ensures that all partners and clients have access to relevant information. It offers an intuitive search interface with advanced filtration and prediction options. It not only helps website owners serve information to their visitors, and clients to find contextual data from each interaction, but it also helps the corporations provide customized user experience at every level. Coveo comes with completely scalable features that make accessing regulated and unregulated information at every hierarchy of the organization possible. The platform is capable of leveraging predictive search technologies for the accuracy of results. It adds a new dimension to the website admin experience.

Why should you consider using Coveo for Sitecore?

Coveo should be on the priority of every large-scale and fast growing corporation. It returns the power to website developers, support agents, and employees in terms of data access. Over the last couple of years, its exclusive search features have empowered customers and website visitors by giving them the right set of search tools. The frontend of the software comes with several out-of-the-box access points inside a search box with one-click operations.

It makes backend management a breeze

Coveo not only makes frontend access easier, but it also takes care of the backend. It archives the endless volume of data available within your business website seamlessly as an index. Coveo comes with multiple tools and indexing options to index the organization’s data and knowledge. It provides excellent up-to-date search-powered dashboards and custom composite mash-ups of information for expedient searches. All Sitecore users are privy to unified indexing for numerous repositories, search management, and machine learning-based search.

It follows up with updates and security patches

Coveo releases several small and significant updates each year. With the new updates in 2019, all users can now take advantage of the New Relevance Index metric. The metric now uses a new and improved formula for indexing that now inspires the concept of confidence. The new Relevance Index value will be directly proportional to the number of times a user performs the query for the same proportion of Click-Through and Average Click Rank. The old metric, Relevance Index (Legacy) is still available, and the existing cards continue to use it until new edits mandating the use of the New Relevance Index comes in. For any user, the presence of both the new and old Relevance Index allows the users to compare the metric values of the current queries.

Coveo allows easy editing of user privileges

The Coveo cloud 2 administration console groups the privileges by their service. Any user who receives access to a particular level usually gains access to related levels and administration main menu pages, and API calls. The two most common user privileges are edit and view for almost all levels. A recent update to the Coveo Cloud V2 shows the presence of the Discard changes button while editing the privileges of a user group. The Discard changes button appears on the right, and it allows the user to reverse all changes. At the same time, the number within the parenthesis shows the number of editing privileges in the corresponding service.

Updates make implementation of new changes snappy

Additional upgrades include the introduction of a preset dropdown menu that can set the access levels. It provides the website administrator with a quick and broad view of the different sets of users and their privileges at one glimpse. The new update has made updating your Coveo for Sitecore setup easier than before. Instead of updating each privilege individually, you can select the preset configuration that is the closest to the set of privileges you want and then you can edit the minute differences manually.

Coveo for Sitecore development – why you might need another helping hand

Coveo for Sitecore is full of exciting features, new and old. One of the most frequent challenges most Sitecore users face is the automatic update of their Coveo versions. As is true for most software programs, certain versions of the core software remain incompatible with the updated versions of another. Updating the core software often leads to incompatibility between the program and third-party applications. Troubleshooting these challenges can take quite a lot of time and effort for any development team that is not familiar with Coveo and Sitecore. That calls for the interjection of the Sitecore Coveo development team that has the training and experience in handling similar situations.

The Coveo support community provides a rich collection of solutions, bug-fixes, and updates. However, finding targeted support for a particular niche of Sitecore websites is often impossible. Any Coveo user can access the official Coveo training catalog, on demand, but most website owners do not have the time to sit down and learn the nitty-gritty of Coveo troubleshooting from it. To make these situations easier, any small business or large corporation should find a third-party certified Sitecore or Coveo for Sitecore support team, who already has the resources to help their cause.

Wrapping things up

Sitecore is a one-stop solution for all online retailers, corporations and individual website owners ready to take a step towards big data. The inclusion of Coveo for Sitecore to the site development plan improves the storage and management of big data with the introduction of real-time analytics, multi-site search, A/B multivariate testing and search personalization. While Sitecore is a highly intuitive and future-friendly CMS platform, Coveo simply adds to its user-friendliness. With a little help from the Sitecore Coveo support teams, your website can explore new markets and capture the attention of thousands of new users, who are waiting for a highly intuitive UI and a rewarding UX. It is the answer to your high bounce rate and low conversion rate that comes in the form of an easy-to-install, software package.