Recruitment Test

Various tests are conducted in companies and especially in the recruitment programs these days. The purpose of these programs is to ensure that the right candidates get employed for business roles. The recruiters make sure that the candidates get scrutinised in the best possible manner. Since the people gathered for the recruitment program are always in a huge number, it is not easy to filter out the best candidates.

What do companies do?

As mentioned earlier, officials make sure that the right people get recruited for the business. Pre-employment tests like Logical reasoning test, psychometric test and other tests get used. The tests are designed in the best manner so as to examine the depths of the candidates. When the recruiters use these tests, they get sure that the specific areas of the candidates are getting tested in the most effective manner.

Whether you talk about the huge multi-national companies or SMEs, every business is investing in the right candidates. Even if you have a team of twelve to twenty professionals, they should be most effective, skilled and dynamic. Only the right skills enable the candidates to perform their daily office tasks in the most effective way. More and more companies are tending towards these tests so as to take the right employees in their business.

Are interviews no longer effective?

Interviews have always been an important part of recruitment program. These interviews make sure that the right candidates get appointed. But if you think that you would solely depend on an interview and take a candidate in the business then you might be making hurry. Don’t get into the swiftness and make sure that you assess all the areas and attributes of the candidate. Interview would only reveal the things that are visible about the candidate. What about the hidden weaknesses and strengths of the candidates?

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Actually, there is nothing wrong with personal interviews as long as they are combined with other segments of recruitment. But if you are simply taking an interview and that is all then it would be insufficient. You have no clue how wheeler-dealer these people are these days. Individuals excel the skills of treachery. They can fool you with their pretention and you might get misled too. The only thing is that when you have other segments in the recruitment program like a pre-employment test, only the right and effective candidates would make it to the interview stage. Since that is the case, you would be able to choose the best candidates on the basis of their skills and overall personality.

What about resumes?

Many people give a lot of importance to resumes. Of course, even the employers give much importance to resume. Since that is the case, you need to be watchful. Resumes can be deceptive. Who knows the resume you are reading is full of fake and unreliable information? Maybe the certificates therein are forging? Again you cannot take a person in your business just because he or she has an interesting and striking resume. There has to be something in actions too. When you use a test in the recruitment procedure, you get to assess the candidates without any documents or certificates and hence you get the exact picture about them.

Present is what matters

If you want to have a team of people who are dedicated, effective and professional in the present date then make sure that you judge them on the basis of their present day capabilities and calibre. If you are judging them on the basis of their previous achievements and certificates; you might be doing injustice. Of course, those achievements too belong to the candidates but at present, what you have to see is their present calibre. It does not make sense if they have prolific skills in the past and today they are hollow and lethargic. When you take people for important roles of your business, make sure that you stay in present and examine the candidates on the basis of their present.

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So what if a candidate got second division in the board exams but today in your recruitment test he or she scored really well and passed the interview with much excellence? Wouldn’t you take him on the basis of his present day performance and calibre? Come on, nobody is going to ask you what you scored in class 10th or 12th if you are performing and doing really well in the present day scenario. If your candidates possess the excellence in present, don’t stay a follower of their past.

A peep into Logical Test

A logical test is made up of different sets of numbers, words, figures or diagrams that follow a given sequence along with another set of possible answer choices. The candidates are required to recognize the pattern and its flow in the middle of the given figures and make a decision about the one that will fit into the sequence in an ideal manner from the given answer options.

The performance of the applicants in the logical test would depend on their analytical, logical and their decision-making calibre. Knowledge is critical but it plays a smaller role in those tests, as compared to other segments comprised in the recruitment pool. How a candidate would perform in the logical test would reveal his calibre and reasoning abilities.


Thus, having a pre-employment test like logical test is the best thing you can do to your recruitment pool. You can make your recruitment effective and result oriented with these tests.

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