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Partition the division of anything is called the Partition. Partition is part of everyone’s life. Everyone in their life has to see the partition. Th

Partition the division of anything is called the Partition. Partition is part of everyone’s life. Everyone in their life has to see the partition. The partition of property even human beings also get partition on the basis of religion and culture. The division of anything is called a partition. The partition is part of life. The partition of property is common but even humans are also facing partition on the basis of religion and culture. But when partition comes to the nation then it is more hurting then all other partitions. India the vast country faces the partition. 

India and Partition 

India faces partition many times the vast region and area were divided many times. The state was divided into many parts and many times which causes division of religion, humanity and even division of the motherland. The nation and division are written below in the post. The partition of India and Pakistan is one of the cruelest partitions in history. Let’s read this in brief.

On 26 January 1950, the first President of the country, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, hoisted the flag with 21-gun salute and declared India a full republic. It was a time to be reckoned with in historical moments. Since then, every year this day is celebrated as Republic Day and this day is a national holiday throughout the country. Because of this occasion every citizen of india chanting Republic Day Slogans In Hindi with pride and enthusiasm.

1947 Independence 

After a lot of struggle, India got freedom on 15th August 1947. The nation actually got freedom on 14 August but because of the partition, the nation has to wait for the next day as independence day because some parts of India was not got independence on 14th August. 

This famous line from Gandhi ji inspire us till now: “DeshbhaktiSharminda hone kiutni hi kabiliyatmangatihaijitnakigarvmahsuskarneki.AbBinasharmindahuaaapdesh bhakti kaisekreyehaapprnirbharhai”.

India and Pakistan 

The two nations are one before 1947. It is quite right that everything has to pay something for some achievement. The two nations also face the partition as payment to achieve freedom. The partition of religion was the main cause of the division of two nations. The revolution was also the same and revolutionaries are also the same but then also both the nation face partition.

Harmful effects of Partition 

The partition can never be good for any nation. The partition of India and Pakistan cause death and hatred among the people of these two countries. The division of humanity and causes death of 2 million people and nearly 14 million people are displaced. The rapes of the women and other inhumanity tasks were done by the peoples. Most of the suffering was faced by Hindus and Muslims.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Gandhi Ji on Partition 

The Indian was divided by the Britisher’s last governor Lord Mountbatten. He officially announces a press conference on 3 June 1947 which has many announces for the partition and the reason for the partition was also ended with the press conference. The Gandhi Ji who haven’t speak on the leader for the Congress Party. The Party has to legal leaders one was Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and another was Muhammad Ali Jinnah which further forms the cause of religious division. This religious division further divided into the partition. 18th July 1947 Lord Mountbatten announces division of India and Pakistan and further division east Pakistan as Bangladesh which went for the partition till 1971. 

Negotiations and revolutionary Movement

Revolutionary Movement was first started for the freedom of the nation and later on it divided into religious parties. The division took place between the leaders of the society. The Nehru and Abdul Azad Kalam were on behalf of congress. The Muhammad Ali Jinnah was standing on behalf of the Muslim League, for untouchables Dr. B.R Ambedakar was leading. This was further held in the formation of the constitution.

Resettlement of Refugees 1947-1951

The partition was over the nations were divided. The refugees’ camps were formed and after the division, the peoples started for the settlements in the society. India faces many problems during the settlement for the refugees. The capital Delhi rises with the population over 1 million from 1947-1951. The refugees were forming houses which were further transformed into permanent houses.

Conclusion of Partition Partition causes many changes in both countries. The division of the countries causes the division of religion and culture. The partition of the landmass was not the real partition but the partition of the humans, religion and the relations between culture. These all were the real partition which took place in the mind of the people. Partition is over but the hard feelings of the partition still remain in the heart of both the nations.