Overcoming Pain and Discomfort during the Stage of Pregnancy

Overcoming Pain and Discomfort during the Stage of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time accompanied by good and not so comfortable symptoms. Pain medicine in pregnancy along with alternate therapies would be of help.

Abdominal pain

To gain relief from cramps or sharp pain from stretched out abdominal muscles or ligaments opt for a warm shower or bath. Regular exercising is going to tone and strengthen your abdominal muscles. Do not resort to any exercises when you are lying on the back for a few seconds after the first trimester as increase of blood flow to the developing baby might occur.


With exercise and proper diet you need to keep your back pain undertake control. Resort to the use of pain tablets during pregnancy if the pain becomes unbearable. To relieve pain even use of a heating pad on your back is going to suffice. Try to work on an elastic sling so as to support your abdomen. Wear shoes designed for pregnant woman and avoid use of high heels.

Try to sleep on a firm mattress and do not stand for long periods of time.  When you are lifting heavy loads be careful especially children and hold them close to the body and raise in a slow manner.

You can opt for a chair massage where you need to sit on a chair facing the back. Do not put a lot of pressure on the spine.

The discomfort of the breasts

A bra which goes on to support enlarged breasts stimulating proper support. In case if your breasts leak use nursing pads in the bra. Do avoid stimulation of the breasts.

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Breathing problems

A degree of breathlessness is common and even normal. It is suggested that you keep the weight within permissible limits and when you are sitting maintain a good posture as far as possible. Do not sleep on the back and as far as possible try to sleep on the left side.


Mild painless contractions tends to emerge around 20th week of pregnancy. If it does go on to cause problems try to change positions. If they appear at regular intervals of time it is suggested that you get in touch with your health care provider.

Bladder infection

If you face persistent burning when urinating try to get in touch with your health care provider. Any infections of bladder are common and risky in case of non-pregnant woman as compared to the pregnant woman. Sometimes the infections of a bladder could be instigated by sexual intercourse. Immediately after sex you need to empty your bladder and look out for the symptoms. To prevent urinary tract infections drink several glasses of cranberry juice

Dizziness and faintness

When you are getting out of bed slow down. In case if you feel light hearted sit down and if you are in a crowd and feeling dizziness try to get some fresh air. If it is possible try to sit between the knees and ensure you drink plenty of water during the day.

To conclude these are some of the common types of pain emerging during pregnancy.

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