Niko Mazger (Fugaso) Exclusive Interview Recap

Introduction The CEO of Fugaso was interviewed exclusively, and we thought it would be nice to read the recap of that interview. Fugaso is a big comp


The CEO of Fugaso was interviewed exclusively, and we thought it would be nice to read the recap of that interview. Fugaso is a big company established in 2001 for the online gaming industry, being one of its leading marketers. The company is committed to finding long-lasting solutions to gaming problems of any kind. If you have ever come across high-quality gaming products online, chances that Fugaso has had a hand in that are high. So why not tag along in this summary of the interview with CEO, Niko Mazger (NM).

Niko Mazger and Fugaso as a company

Niko Mazger introduced himself as the company’s CEO, and he has been one for 17 good years. The company has grown big, and he was very much excited to be interviewed and asked questions about the company. As told by Niko, since the inception of the company, it has maintained a high standard by providing interesting and high-quality casino games for different online casinos.

Fugaso Software

Fugaso Gaming Solutions tends towards operating and selling on a large scale. It has been set out to operate in Ukraine and Belarus. Niko Mazger said that it is just the beginning for the company as it will rule the world on a global scale. The market of Fugaso software is operating under international gaming laws, and this regulates the software. Although there has been a challenge, and this is due to the new regulations springing up with quite difficult standards, making stability quite difficult. In his words, Niko feels that “understanding the regulations and the markets in a bigger picture can allow for a more diverse adaptation”.

Fugaso Games and Catalogue

There are so many games in the Fugaso catalogue that it will be hard to pick a top one or the best ones. It all depends on the users and the way the market is. There is also a consideration of currency, but there are different games and goals. However, overall, the games are made to entertain players. Niko mentioned that there are plans to unveil bigger games in the future, and we are looking forward to that. Fugaso is known to be the seat of classic casino games and slots designed for people of all genders. It is also known to have big markets in Turkey, Germany, America, and Norway.

Niko Mazger Favorite Faguso Game

Niko was asked to pick a favorite game, and he ended up analyzing different games available in the company while asserting that the question was tough to answer. It is quite understandable for a company’s CEO to have problems with picking only one game out of varieties. However, he did mention one; The Mummy Win Hunters Epicways. This is an Egyptian-themed game That comes with different features and many bonuses. He also mentioned others like Clash of Gods, Book of Tattoo, Stoned Joker.


This summary/recap has covered the most important aspects of the interview with Niko Mazger, Ceo at Fugaso. Remember that in 2019, this company was nominated for Best Provider, Ask Gamblers award, which it didn’t win, though, which was a notable recognition. The CEO expressed appreciation for that recognition and ended on the note that Faguso is just getting started in the game.

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