Mozilla Firefox, a web explorer which came in the know in the year 2002. This popular browser was invented by Mozilla foundation group members. Mozilla Firefox is written in various languages like HTML, C++, and JavaScript, etc. because it is a part of technology. Mozilla Firefox fought a tough competition with Google Chrome and ranked 2nd after Chrome in the market. It has covered large area and generated huge number of users in multiple countries like Myanmar, Iran, Poland, Austria, Germany, and Uganda, etc. Having such huge number of users throughout the world on the same browser sometimes create problems while running and users complain my Mozilla Firefox keeps freezing or Mozilla Firefox freezing up windows 10. “Phoenix” is a name under which Mozilla Firefox was first developed but then it became a part of Mozilla application Suite. This browser is known for its impressive and interesting features like it is supported by almost all types of internet explorers and runs on all the screens including PC, tabs, Laptop, etc. Mozilla is the second-best web browser of the world because it keeps in mind the security measure of its users.

Mozilla Firefox freezing up issues

Firefox is a part of technology and runs only when connected with the internet. As we know it is a well-known explorer with a large number of users it becomes complicated at times and creates various issues while running. Issues users generally face are Mozilla Firefox Freezes or Mozilla Firefox freezing up windows 10. Reason behind such issues could be a web traffic because at a same time number of users use the same browser, another reason could be that a user is not running the updated version of a particular explorer or the device on which a user is running the browser might carry junk files or some sort of virus with it which is the cause of Mozilla Firefox freezing up issues. These are some issues generally users face when their Mozilla Firefox stops responding. Do not worry if you got stuck while doing any task on your browser, here are we with some easy solutions to fix this issue. 

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Steps to fix Mozilla Firefox freezing –

  • For this, a user needs to take care of device settings
  • Check whether a device carrying any spam folder
  • Keep a check on its version and update it accordingly
  • Remove unnecessary data and media
  • The incorrect theme of browser

One should keep a check on these issues and resolve them accordingly to run it smoothly and to run when Mozilla Firefox freezes.

How to solve Mozilla Firefox freezing up Windows 10 issue

Mozilla is preferred by users as it runs on all the versions of Windows to provide them ease but questions raised when users wonder to solve the same issue on different versions of Windows. Do not worry if you are a Windows 10 user and facing the same issue but unable to resolve it. Here we are with the solution when Mozilla Firefox keeps freezing or Mozilla Firefox freezing up Windows 10. To fix these issues you can follow as below mentioned.

Steps to fix Mozilla Firefox freezing up Windows 10 issue-

  • Delete the files that are not required
  • Tap on “Clear Downloads” to remove history
  • Replace download folder (from desktop to documents or vice versa)
  • Use Mozilla Firefox in safe mode
  • Download the updated version of Adobe Flash, to run the browser smoothly

Well, these are the best tricks to perform when Mozilla Firefox freezes. If you face any problem solving above mentioned issues then you can directly contact the Firefox support team to get your issue resolved easily and quickly. Users can call them any time of the day as they are available to assist users and solve their problems on time.

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