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Local Business Market – Top 3 Internet Advertising Methods to Create Massive Amounts of Customers

Local Business Market

The local business market should take full advantage of the existing channels for advertising on the internet. Unfortunately, most small businesses do not achieve their potential revenues because of the sheer lack of advertising. Utilizing the traditional methods of such as print, direct mail, television, and radio promotions are still very much relevant today as it was in the past. But they typically fall short because of one simple thing the business fails to include in their local business market advertising. That is off course not including their website promotions. These three simple methods can create an explosion in the amount of new customers to your business

Local business market internet advertising method number one is to create an email list. One of the first questions I ask business owners is: What if you had a large sale of your products this weekend and wanted to promote this to your existing customers. Do you have a database of your existing clients name and email address to let them know about it?

Not surprising is that most of the potential clients will quickly say no. Then quite often I see a look of disappointment in their face. I quickly change their look by telling them that this is something that can easily be implemented today. The simplest way of doing this is to create a website and install some sort of mailing list software. Instant notification will be sent for whatever news or specials your business will be offering.

Local business market internet advertising method number two is to implement social media into their marketing plans. I advise local business owners all the time about the power of social media. Of course, most of them do not know what social media is until I say the actual company names such as Twitter or Facebook. Nowadays it seems like everyone is either using FaceBook or Twitter. Take full advantage of this by offering a discount or a free service in exchange for adding your business’s FaceBook or Twitter page as a friend or follower. This is the 21st century of the version of word of mouth advertising. The only difference is that it is all digitized and much faster.

Local business market internet advertising method number three is to get listed in the local search engine results page. Yahoo, Google, and Bing all have local search engine results for businesses in the local area. These search engines grab the listings from sources such as yellow and white pages and include them into their databases. That is why you can get very fast results if you’re looking for a Florist in your local area market. These search engines are fully aware of their users requesting directory type queries and can accurately post results.

I especially love Google’s version of the local business market search. I can get business phone numbers, website, address, and even get unbiased reviews from the business’s customer. So it is critical that the local business market ensure their business is accurately described in the search engine results page.

I can not stress the importance of implementing these types of internet advertising methods for the current local business market. These three methods are just a small listing of the many hundreds of ways to promote in the local business market. If you still think these three methods is a bit overwhelming than I suggest you look for a online digital marketing to help you with your internet marketing efforts.

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