Thousands of people are struggling to afford healthcare. Prescription drugs are a significant element of every family’s budget. You will find free prescription discount card available which could assist you to save 10% – 85% on many FDA approved brand-name and generic drugs. These cards can be used at over 58,000 large chain and local independent pharmacies in the USA.

How do these free discount prescription cards work?

Present the free card to the pharmacist, and s/he will enter the card information into your pharmacy profile. You will likely then have the use of discounted prescription prices. Most of the cards are preactivated, and there are no deductibles or fees or forms to complete. Everyone qualifies! One card will generally cover your entire household, and no personal information or Social Security Number is required. Many networks also provide free Spanish tickets are some free discount prescription card websites will translate into all of the major languages.

Where do you get these free cards?

Browse around the net, and you will find many companies that provide these cards. Often you can print a free (paper) card from the web site which you may take to your pharmacy and have entered into your pharmacy profile. Also, you can send free (paper) cards to friends and family, family, and coworkers anywhere in the USA. You can also get an actual card(s) by calling the business or sending a contact requesting tickets. Usually, you get obtain multiple cards for groups, associations, and government organizations at no cost.

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Individuals who need these cards:

  1. Individuals with no insurance
  2. Those who could have insurance but have limitations like high deductibles, non-covered drugs, high copayments or caps on the benefits
  3. Seniors who fall under the “donut hole” of these Medicare Part D
  4. New employees who are in their waiting period for healthcare coverage
  5. Employees who cannot afford COBRA payments once they lose their job
  6. Employees who cannot afford to cover dependents
  7. Employees who have lost their health coverage at work

If you have existing insurance, you can even have a free discount prescription card in your pharmacy record. The pharmacy will automatically dispense your medications at the cheapest cost, the reduced one’s insurance, or the discount prescription card. Sometimes, the free ticket will be lower than your co-pay!

Many free discount card networks likewise have robust websites which allow you to price your medications by giving the medication name, dosage, amount of pills and your zip code. In this way, you can “pre-price” your medicines before you go to a pharmacy, by checking the discounted pharmacy prices in your area.

Several tips, when utilizing these free discount prescription cards/websites:

  1. Don’t work with a free ticket or site that requires you to provide personal information (your name, phone, street address, etc.). An excellent discount pharmacy card, won’t request personal information – these free cards shouldn’t track back to you for privacy reasons). Their websites should only need you to provide your zip code to pull up the pharmacies locally when you are pricing your medications.
  2. Don’t pay for these cards. They are free, always free.
  3. Always try to price your medicines on the website, so you understand who has the most effective discounted price.
  4. Watch for significant price differences on generic medicines. Some pharmacies could be significantly higher on generic drugs. You will discover this once you do your online pricing. Brand names are will generally only vary several dollars between pharmacies.
  5. You can’t use both your insurance and the free discount card. It will be one of the other, whichever is the cheapest cost.
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Many people are using these cards, take advantage of this free opportunity!

Happy Savings!

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