How to rip DVDs to desire formats

Do you have DVDs that occupies half of the wall? Do you have a lot of old DVDs that you can’t bear to throw away? Are you facing the problem of not being able to play back movies anytime, anywhere? I believe that as a DVD collection fanatic, you must also be facing with these issues. If your answer is “Yes”, maybe it is time to digitize your DVD collections to freely watching over and over again. Follow the article, you will get an easy way to help you to backup all of your DVDs and make it possible to playback on your handy devices.

Why you need to rip and digitize DVD collections?

Here are plenty reasons for you to make your own digital copies of DVDs. 

1.Make own digital copies to backup:

Since DVD came up to audience, so many years have passed by and you will find your DVD discs are too fragile to get scratched easily. However, make own DVD copies to back up on your computer or other devices will keep it safe to play and store and stay away from being damaged by reasons you don’t know. 

2. Save costs:

With development of digital words, plenty of formats flooding into markets. Besides, formats on different devices are different from each other, which make us need to find suitable format to back up on different devices. Another reason is that format changing from one to another is much cheaper than buy a DVD again. 

3.Playback at anywhere:

It’s not just kids love to watch their favorite movies on smartphone or tablet. If you are a potato couch, you may also like save all amazing movies on smartphones, tablets or laptops. Ripping DVD collections allow you to watch it at anywhere and make your suitcase lighter than before when on flight tours.

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A smart software fixes this issue at once

After recognized how important to rip DVDs in our computer, I will introduce a powerful DVD ripping software to figure it out. WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is the real No.1 DVD ripping software allows you rip all DVD collections in a minute and convert them to any devices you want to keep.

How to rip DVDs to desire formats to back up

Before we start, please download the fastest DVD ripping software free of charge. After installed, let’s start! Here are only three steps to complete this complicated process.

First, Open WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro up. It offers you 3 options of DVD sources as “DVD Disc”, “ISO Image” and “DVD Folder” that you can choose any one of them to rip. 

Second, After DVD loaded, the software will automatically select main movie for a few seconds. If you want to rip TV series, it can also automatically select several main titles of each in the latest version of this software. Then, you can click the output format section to make personal settings. 

Here we choose MP4 the most popular video format as example.

Last, choose an output path to save it. Then, just one click on “Run” bottom. A few minutes later, the whole DVD ripping and converting process has complete. And you will find the desire format of DVD is in the final folder.     

Other features

1. Fastest ripping speed by supporting Hardware acceleration.

2. Extract audio or soundtracks out of DVD.

3. Remove copy protections.

Last words

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With WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro on computer, it helps us to make complicated process of DVD ripping in an easier way. This software allows you not only rip DVDs to various formats, but also plenty devices even on other gaming systems. If you are looking for an efficient way to backup all DVD collections, maybe you should give it a try.

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