How To Make Good Use of Psychology of Colors To Boost The Conversion Rates?

What comes to your mind after seeing a red-colored website? The color is associated with power and aggression. It makes our heartbeat go faster and also promotes appetite. How about pink color? We find that most of the parenting websites have used pink color as their background. This is because the color reflects nurturing. It is also used for relationship and women-oriented websites because it is a non-threatening color and gives us a fond feeling in the heart.

Each color makes us feel a certain way! When we are painting the house or building a website, the psychology of colors has an important role to play.

Here’s a quick post that talks about the ways of making good use of psychology of colors to boost the conversion rates of your website. Let’s find out what color you could pick for YOUR site.

Picking a Color that Defines Your Website

Let us say you own a baby products website. Picking gray color for this site may not be the best option. The color is dull and could lead to depression. It refers to nothingness and human beings do not respond to this color. However, blue has a calming effect and pink is associated with nurturing. Picking pink or a lighter shade of blue would be ideal in this case.

On the other hand, there is a LGBT support group and they want to spread the message to the world. They may open a website with black or red background. Black is the color that refers to authority. It is a powerful color! Usage of white and black develops the feeling of intimidation.

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Red is another color that you could pick. This shows your aggression and fight for equality. In business, the color is associated with ‘call to action’. Yellow is the color that seeks for attention! It is harsh for the human eyes, but catches our attention immediately.

Picking a color for the website can be tricky, but the psychology of colors really works! It affects the mood of the visitors and they understand your content when you present it in an interesting way!

Takeaway Advice

 Hire a web designer who knows how to use the colors appropriately. Your site may not be getting the attention it deserves because of lack of white space, wrong color choice or even slow loading time. Fix these issues and it will surely boost the conversion rates of your website.

Always remember that you need to create a positive experience for your visitors. With the help of the right color, you will convey the message in a precise manner!

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