How do I Reset My Canon Pixma Printer to Factory Settings

Canon IJ Setup is undoubtedly the undisputed king in all its areas today. Everything that they have laid their hands on that is from their cameras to their photography solutions, copier machines and scanner and printers, all models have been proved to be unique, special, best and handy in their own areas and has certain productivity.

Troubleshooting Canon Pixma printer through Factory settings

Printing technology has always been there, the initial form being the “Woodblock printing” the oldest technique of printing that had its origins both in Europe and Asia. From then on there have been innovations in this technology. The coming of the Guten Printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in the 15 the century brought a revolution in the field of print technology and it was by the 19th century that the manuscript and block printing was replaced to a modern-day form of printing. Benefits of this technology reach out to almost every field be its educational institutions, business, finance or research for instance.

Canon Inc. the printer brand that our article deals in is a Japanese multinational company that manufactures a range of products comprising the camera, camcorders, steppers, computer printers and medical equipment headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The company was founded on 10 August 1937 with the joint efforts of Takashi Mitarai, Goro Yoshida, Takeo Maeda, and Saburo Uchida. In today’s world of technology, users are spoilt for choice and if you go to buy a printer you would be left with a huge number of choices to choose from. But choosing the best out of the rest can crack the deal! Canon printers stand out of the pack owing to the various reasons as the modern range of Canon printers are Cloud ready due to which the multiple users can access through the same printing machine saving you from purchasing multiple sets especially in an office environment, Security is the second best reason to opt for this brand. It offers safe login features as password login, proxy card swiping and the fingerprint recognition thus preventing the cases of theft or hack. Other reasons to opt Canon over others are the innovative technology involving the customizable interface, excellent scanning quality and high printing speed providing satisfactory results to its users. Canon printing brand also takes pride in being renowned as the environment-friendly product as it takes safe reusable plastic for printing operation thus ensuring less wasteful production.

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In an era of smartphones, Canon has come up with smart printer needing no trouble of wires and lets you print from virtually anywhere from any device, be it your smartphone, iPad or Mac. It can be easily operated and connected through an internet connection, these smart printer ranges are the” Canon Pixma” other name for the multifunctional printers. These come in varied range suiting the user’s needs such as Pixma range of home and photo printers, home office printers, Ink efficient printers for a high volume printing producing 6,000 pages in monochrome and 7,000 pages in color and the fourth range being the Pixma professional photo printers. Pixma range is known to produce a print at a much faster rate. However, just like any technical equipment faces issues in its operation, these series are no different. The printing issue may arise owing to reasons as paper jam or blockage, ink cartridge problem or any technical issue. The menu of the Canon Pixma printer lets you access through the factory setting. Read on to factory Reset Canon Printer if facing an issue with it.

Overcome the printing issue by resetting the canon printer to Factory settings!

Resetting the Canon printer to factory settings would clear all the changes and specifications you had made in your machine and will take the device back to its initial stage. However, this step would most certainly enable the user to get rid of the printing issues. Read on and follow the steps for the same.

a. Turn on the printer after you had switched it off and open the menu bar.
b.Look for the “Startup “ menu and navigate it using the directional arrows provided.
c.Select “Device settings” and press “OK” to proceed.
d.On the next screen select the “Reset settings “ option and press “OK “ to finish with the resetting the factory setting process.

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The aforementioned procedure would aid the users in rectifying the printing error that appears on the screen when the printer does not print properly. In case even after the factory settings, you continue to face printing trouble, it would be best to contact the Canon printer support phone number available on the official website to troubleshoot the same. The professional technicians would then restore the machine back to normal operations through the Canon printer reset software.
Happy printing!

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