Great tips to save money while purchasing used cars

Yes, you can save big-time by going for used cars. But what if we could show you how to save even more while buying a used car? Don't believe us? All

Yes, you can save big-time by going for used cars. But what if we could show you how to save even more while buying a used car? Don’t believe us? All you need to do is read on!

Search through the most comprehensive catalog for great value used cars at Vic Bailey. But before that, let’s have a look at how to save money with your used car investment.

Old cars are much cheaper than new cars

If we go by the average, the math tells us new vehicles are generally priced around the $30,000 mark. When you are going for a year-old car, you can save around $9000. Check the odometer reading, and anything below 10,000 miles is a great deal. The rate of depreciation is high from the second year and onwards.

Go for smaller engines

You are not planning to race, are you? For commuting to the office or the weekend party, you don’t need more than a smaller engine car. On the flip side you won’t be jetting the highways, but on the plus side, you will save a lot since the fuel economy will compensate for the loss in speed. Don’t drive your small engine at full throttle through the city though, as you will reduce the fuel efficiency by burning the consumption at a higher rate.

 Petrol cars are cheaper

Yes, diesel engines are economical when it comes to fuel consumption. But do not get fooled by this fact. Diesel engine cars are valued at a much higher price point. Instead, go for the petrol variety which will mean you can refill your gas with ease. Also, in case of any trouble, the chances of available help increase manifold.

Learn to drive and go for the manual option

Yes, the very daunting manually operated stick. But the truth is it’s not. Learn the ropes of the manual shift and stop pursuing an automatic option. You will save a lot when you go for the manual gear shift vehicle. Automatics might be easier to drive, but they are difficult to pay for.

About hybrid cars

The hybrids are the best when it comes to saving a lot on the fuel front. Hybrids have stopped looking like oversized boxes, and there are various designs and models available these days. Super-mini to the luxury SUVs, hybrids have indeed come a long way. But you should think it through; hybrids might be cheaper to run, though cost a lot to buy. Weigh up your saving before going the “hybrid” way.

Check the pollution

Before you buy a used car, you should always check the CO2 emission levels and other pollution-related facets for the vehicle. This is essential since the pollution affects the whole duty you pay. In case of zero-emission hybrids you are exempt from paying any tax.

Small cars require cheaper insurance

Go for a car that is cheaper to cover. This will make sure you save big-time while insuring your used car. A smaller car is more affordable to insure so ditch the 4×4 plan and go for a smaller commuter hatchback.

We sincerely hope that our tips help you to save big on your used vehicle purchase.