Get Yourself A Good Industrial Warehouse For Rent At Minimum Prices!


As you start your business or expand your operation in Noida, you might find yourself in need of a much larger space to manufacture or store products and inventory. In this case, you may find yourself in need of an industrial warehouse for rent in Greater Noida. Warehouses, manufacturing buildings, and multi-use spaces are all considered to be important industrial properties. These spaces may be used for goods production, storage, fulfillment, and distribution of products.

Here are the tips for how to go about looking for a storage warehouse for rent in Greater Noida

1. The height of the warehouse:

The height of the warehouse also known as the clear height is an important aspect of choosing a warehouse. Clear height refers to the distance between the floor and the clear ceiling in the warehouse. That is to say, the height before any obstruction comes in the way like a fan or a pole or some other thing. This is important for storage and stacking of long cartons. These days’ warehouses come with a clear height of 30 to 34 feet as against the 14 to 24 feet norm in the past years.

2. Commercial Industrial Space:

The nature of your Industry ultimately determines the type of property that best fits your Industrial needs. Industrial property generally falls under one of three different sets:

• Warehouse space requirement
• Manufacturing space requirement
• Flex space or mixed-use property requirement (a combination of both warehouse and manufacturing)

Each type of industrial space serves a unique purpose. A warehouse is mainly used for storage and distribution of industrial products. A distribution center is a type of warehouse that is used to distribute industrial products but is not part of the assembly process in the industry.

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In contrast, a manufacturing space in the industry is where one creates, builds, or assembles industrial products. Depending on your manufacturing needs, this kind of space may need to have specialized zoning or special types of construction is to be done.

A flex space is a combination of a warehouse and a manufacturing space, so you can handle your manufacturing and warehouse needs all in the same space.

3. Office Space:

An office space is very important in an industry. Generally, about 5% to 10% of the total square footage is acceptable for an office room in an industry. More would lead the buyer to reconsider his options in terms of worth and less would require the buyer to spend money on expansion of the industrial warehouse.

Finding an industrial warehouse space for your business is a big step in your business. Make sure you take your time to research multiple properties before finalizing. Ensure that you’ve taken the necessary steps to rent industrial warehouse space that’s right for your business and also that your legal rights and assets are protected.

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