The best fast cars to choose for drivers who love speed

Every person has their specifications when it comes to cars! Some people love a lavish design and others who crave a classic look. If you like speed,

Every person has their specifications when it comes to cars! Some people love a lavish design and others who crave a classic look. If you like speed, then you need to select from the fastest automobiles.

The list of fast cars keeps changing. However, if you are all set to purchase a brand-new fast car, you can choose from the options below:

  1. Hennessey Venom F5 (301 Mph)

The car model ranks amongst the fastest 30 cars in the world! It will impress you by offering 301 miles every hour. It smashes the preceding increased speed over 20mph. For obtaining this, people who are behind this great invention have started with a carbon fiber chassis of 2,950 pounds. It also comes with a bolted 7.4-liter twin-turbo in the vehicle.

2. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport (268 Mph)

No list for fast cars is complete without a Bugatti! The vehicle comes with its W16 turbocharged engine which gives you a 1,000 horsepower. It also houses some of the best features which can get compared to other popular fast cars as well.

3. SSC Ultimate Aero (256 Mph)

It is an American car and got previously considered as the Shelby SuperCars. This car got a mention in Guinness Book of World Records, for being the fastest automobile globally with 256mph speed.

4. Koenigsegg Regera (255 Mph)

This automobile boasted an impressive speed of 255mph and got considered as one of the best and fastest cars in the automobile market. The car can generate about 1790 horsepower and weighs 1628 kilograms

5. Aston Martin Valkyrie (250 Mph)

The Aston Martin Valkyrie gets tagged as a supercar. It gets designed by Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing. And this car is meant to go along the lines of the famous Mercedes AMG Project One in the car battle.

6. 9ff GT9 (254 Mph)

One of the ideal ways to develop a fast-car is to use an already dynamic car model and improve it. The famous Porsche 911 is one of the best examples of speed and styles. And it is commendable that the German firm, 9ff opted-in for the 911 and personalized it to tune this better.

7. W Motors Fenyr (248 Mph)

W Motors back in 2013 announced publicly that it would come up with its second supercars line-up! They had come up with the Fenyr SuperSport that got featured in the 4-liter Flat 6 twin-turbocharged that has 900 horsepower. It also comes with a 1,100 Newton Meter.

8. Lotec Sirius (250 Mph)

This car is designed by Mr. Kurt Lotterschmid, the owner of Lotec so that it boasts a high 250 mph speed. The horsepower of this car is variable and gets based on the turbo boost. When there’s the 85 bar boost, the Sirius engine produces about 1,000 horsepower at the 6,300 and 1,000 NM.

9. McLaren F1 (241 Mph)

This car has much more to offer than being a fast car listed in the Guinness Book of Records. It comes with a center driver seat, a carbon fiber body, the 6.1-liter BMW M V12 as well as a gold-lined engine bar. 

10. Bristol Fighter (225 Mph)

This fast car comes with a 1012 horsepower as well as an electronically restricted high 225mph speed. These are the ten best fastest cars that you can choose from, based on your budget and car requirements.